Friday, 25 May 2012

Building a chest of drawers

Oh dear, oh dear, I am just about the cleverest chicken that I know..  Not only did I build my own pool with the assistance of 3 dronkies, I have now established that I am bloody good... well sort of..... when it comes to carpentry.  I wonder if Extreme Makeover home edition would use me... I doubt it, cos their cupboards and whatever they build lasts.  I think only hurricanes and tornados damage those goods.

Right so here is the story.  A friend of mine bought me a chest of drawers to say thank you.  This came in kit form.  It even had pictures.  Looking at the pictures and all the little things I got with it, it was complicated to tell you the truth.  Now I am not saying I am the rocket scientist here and deciphered this shit, what I did however, was look for the simplest picture, which was the drawers..... Well now.... its easy to slip P 2 and P3 into P4 and then slide P7 under and then well OBVIOUSLY as per the picture, you add the front of the drawer with the handle on right... RIIIIIIIGHT!!!... SO I see the easy pics and follow the steps.  What I have not mentioned is that I was doing Step 16 out of 19 steps as it looked the easiest.  Bugger 1 - 15 ...will get there once I have done the easy.  Anyway, these drawers look good man... I am so bloody proud I have my mother and Nazek and Sasha admiring my handywork... (uhm probably took about 1 hour for 4 drawers)... Only to discover, that I did not use all the little bits and bobs that came with this project and was meant to hold the drawer together.. First time I pull on the handle of the drawer, still on my bed... BAM... it comes off in my hand... now the drawer is back to 3 sides.  I then decide to consult with the manual which is all in picture form, to assemble.  I mean for fucksakes how difficult can this be.  (smoke break here to gather thoughts) and back on the job.. I find the correct little thingys and insert where I should.  After the drawers are done... oh and I had to undo the drawers to put the runners on the sides.... (2 and a half hours into the project) ok so a couple of smoke breaks you know, coffee breaks ... etc etc....After assembling the drawers it was easy.  I actually should have done the manual cos really ... you do the easy bits first.... even if you do it and undo it cos something else had to be added.....

Finally...4 hours later, my chest of drawers is up... its standing up... its looking awesome.... Problem however..... I have 2 things in my hand that belongs on the chest of drawers.  Its skrews that need to be skrewed in somewhere.... and well it looks great and all but its terribly wobbly.  I am so damn scared to use the thing....its a wobble.... .. The point is... I did it... I put the damn thing together... kinda successfully too.  Very proud of myself but I am gonna need a man to skrew it for me... hahahaha.... true story.

So now its weekend and all I can do is admire what I have built.. but not use it as it might topple.  If anyone knows how to stabilize it... I need help... LOL...Have a great weekend you lot....

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