Monday, 27 February 2017

Debbie does.... Diesel

I actually just found this in my draft.  This one quite a couple of months old.  In fact, its soooo last year, I don't  know why it was in the draft, but well here goes, am now posting it.

Well now, I haven't blogged for ever and a day.  However, I thought it wise to warn people that I now drive a Vivaro, that is diesel and its BIG.... really REEEEAAAALLY BIG!!!

I got my PDP licence and now I may drive people around.  Fear not people fear not...... this is not my full time employment, although, now that I think about it, the more I drive, the safer you would all be. Just let it be known that I am a confident and competent driver. (have no idea what others have to say but thats my take)

Anyway, yesterday I did my first driving in the *Aravan*.. Yeah, that's how Aran named his vehicle and it is apt.  So here I am, trying to mull it over in my head about what actually happened yesterday, and how far I have come, and to tell all you lucky sods, that you don't have worry,  as Aran did not fire me, so I can  and will still drive you all around! (if you like living on the edge that is) or not... I am getting better  you know. This is a promise to those who are a little scared.  I suggest you drink first, it would make it easier!!!

Here is the breakdown of the day.

1.  Excitement, apprehension, panic... fuck fuck fuck

2.  Drive to collect clients, all the while speaking to myself out loud... cos that what one does right!

3.  Once I collected the clients, the nerves kicked in, but hey, I talk a lot so I thought to just .....
      talk, you know, be chipper, be confident, be a damn good driver... shit shit shit how am I gonna
      do this...Pep talk to myself.. You can do this Debbie you can do this.  When I realized that they
      were not a talkative bunch, I backed off... (I think I should have realized going up the first hill
      that perhaps they were in fear at this stage.  Well possibly, as I was going up that hill slower than
      a tortoise having to stretch its neck getting a piece of lettuce 1 cm away.

4.  After I dropped them off at the first stop, I decided to do a trial run for the next stop.   Thank
     heavens I took THAT initiative as I hopped a pavement, knocked the rim of the rear wheel
     (not badly ok, just enough to give me a moerse fright and realize that I have to take much wider
     turns to get round short corners, and then, then I had to face my bigger fear, that damned 40 deg          hill.  This was not going to go well...... Up and down I drove, over and over I practiced.  

5.  Picked up clients for the second drop.  That was easy!!! As I go around the first corner the one             lady in the back asks me casually, *Do you do drifting?*  Drifting........Oh shit oh shit, oooooh            shit, I am going to fast around the corners, these people are getting whiplash in the back there!.            Right,...  gotta get it together.  First, when going round a corner, go slower!!! You have the                  steering wheel to hang on to, they have bugger all in the back .. .  eeeeek.

6.  Going SLOW around the corners - check,
     Going WIDE around the corner - check.
     Dropping clients off at 2nd stop safely - check

Trying to get up that bloody awful hill was horrible.. just a bloody nightmare.  I get home, cry to my son that I cant do it and that he must go and collect the clients etc.  He absolutely refuses.  Tells me that I have to do it as its not good business to have different drivers for same clients.  Fuck!!! He then takes me to where there are hills and makes me pull away.  I cannot do this.  this damn van goes so slow!!! It has no power.  My son then tells me that it is in fact a TURBO DIESEL, and I must pull away and not put foot, but wait for the diesel to kick in, and the van will go fast.  OH MY GOD!!! something that simple......... !!! Something that simple and I would not have had a mental breakdown.  WOW.  I go and fetch the clients and drive them up that dreadful hill, with easy........why? Oh because I now KNOW how to drive turbo diesel.

Hope you all have a fantastic day further.  Remember life is what you make of it.  If you are happy and exude happiness, it will come to ;you.  What you put out there comes back.. My clients got home safe in the end.  No people were hurt in this exercise.

Soon soon xoxo

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