Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Dating and sex
Going out on dates are absolute fun.  Or should I say "old school dating" is loads of fun, and you know whether you are going to have sex afterwards or not.  Those are the dates when you go out with your friends and you meet a random guy and smile at each other across the room, and, you know, flirt and be cryptic and then swop numbers to go out on a date.  Thinking about the date and getting ready is just as exciting and elicits butterflies in the stomach.  You would have changed your outfit about a million times, tried different shoes, different make up.  When he finally comes to pick you up to take you out for dinner, or drinks, the banter is great and you already have your flirty pants on, as we all want to be liked, and you know, let's be honest if he is hot, it's going to end in bed. What you do in bed would obviously depend on how much you drank, let's just talk about that for a second, as we all have drinking goggles!!  Having now spend time with the guy, and drinking wine, or the preferred whisky in my case,  whether you like it or not, you are liking him more by the minute, unless he is a proper tool, and you are put off, then you just drink to make the night go quicker, but beware, if you are a pleaser and you want to be liked, this is where the bus should stop before you start gargling your words!!!  Make an exit and FAST!!! or else,.... you are going to get laid even if you did not want it in the first place. 
Having sex on a first date is taboo for some people.  Even those that have sex on first dates, as they have been taught to hold out until the third date or even 3 months, or Bless those that do hold out to marriage!!!!  Never quite got that one, as you either like the person or you don't, and if you do, well, it's on I believe and loads of people put out on first dates.  Not necessarily all the way, a blow job here, a bit of cunnilingus there, a hand job, that would depend on your date and how you felt about him at that time. You see, sometimes the date starts well and ends really shitty, and it doesnt take much to make it go either way.... He could just burp or fart and you could be put off, or you could just be that drunk and not care for his manners, and that's when you end the date because my dears, if you continue to drink, you are going have sex... all the way sex..!!! ! It's going to happen. It might be shitty sex, who knows, but let me tell you, it's going to happen. If you end up spending the night at his place and you wake up, it could be awkward.   The previous nights shenanigans are a blur, you feel hungover, but hey, you might get a morning after shag, and then do the walk of shame leaving his place wearing your clothes from the previous evening.  Who knows dears, but let's just say that I believe sex and dating are good bed fellows!!!

Now, if we talk about *new age dating*, those are the ones you pick up on the net.  Those are the scary ones. You get the pic of the super hot guy or super hot chick, and it transpires they actually have 24 more zits than the pic shows, but hey, because you want to be nice you are going to give it a try... RUN... run for your bloody life darlings, those are the con artists of the world and your panty would be at your ankle in 2 seconds after you sat down, if you did not hold the elastic in your hand.  I have an experience with this 1st hand, so I will keep this short, and fill your dating do's and don'ts when next we meet.  

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