Thursday, 1 November 2012

What an experience

Now now let me tell you...what a lot of fun I had.  We did the Come Dine with Me South Africa.  5 days of drinking.... what can I say.. It wasn't vodka going down the gullet like it normally does when Aran races.  Noooo sireee this is the wine shit man... Wine, is known to give a really shitty hangover.  Serious headache and all the rest as well.

I absolutely loved Tamryn.  I know the child is getting a lot of flack for being herself.  She is not as dof as she appears to be, but then if people realize it was all alcohol related... aah well...then maybe they can see her for what she really was.  An absolute gem.  Listen, she was beyond wasted..... and well.... so were we.  I just thought it was all too bloody funny for words, so ya......If they had showed other footage about some of the other diners on Tamryns night then I doubt very much that she would have gotten all the backlash.  Oh boy, we were all badly behaved.. some just way more than others!!!! How does one edit a show like that.  I mean it was cooky and when I think of some of the stuff that was said and done that was not aired, I wanna wet myself ok.  I know that Hebrew said we were all acting.  HUH  its a reality show, oh but wait... my friends cant believe how well behaved I was... Gotta love it that they know one can get outa hand.  I think if they made a programme called "How too lose weight unsuccessfully" I would be the perfect candidate for that.

My teacher at school once told me that I had decorum.  Yeah now I know she meant it!!!!! I am capable of being a lady and a tramp, hahahaha...

Well as for the rest.... I cannot express how quick it all went. How much fun we had doing it, and how really pissed we all were....

Moving on to Zumba, (and ANOTHER quest to lose weight)  bloody hell, I was so hung over on Tuesday, that 2 litres of Lemon Twist and a small creme sober could not make me feel well enough to go to Zumba.  I woulda pulled a muscle or fallen off my eBike thats for bloody sure.  Speaking of...... I nearly wiped out a pedestrian mama walking on the side walk as I came zooting past.  I have no damn eye and foot co-ordination when it comes to the bike.  Please remember I am a big mama too so all you see from the rear is arse and a wheel.... Now the problem with the eBike is it goes faster than a damn bicycle so when I fall I am going to fall really really hard and in my chops... Anyway I got a moerse bruise on my calf (which coincidentally is so big I can kickstart a jumbojet in the middle of Alaska dead centre of winter). Not so fussed about the bruise anymore but still concerned that I need to get my riding skills better.  Shit a brick at this rate, I am gonna be blue and black from hurting myself on this thing.  My stopping leaves a lot to be desired still.  I am up and at it daily.

For now though, I am on my eBike to go home and get into the pool on this hot spring day.

Toodles ya'll.

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