Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cor Blimey - Itching like a bitch

Goodness me, I discovered recently that I suffer from blood pressure.  Not a biggie as it was not THAT high but it was high enough to warrant taking pills.  The bain of my life as I am one very forgetful tart.  I am not able to take pills daily.  Shit a brick.  Anyways, I have started itching badly!!!!.  OMG you have to see this to believe it.  I thought I had bedbugs then I thought it was mosquitos and then I thought it was a spider, all kinds of scenarios went through my head.  I then opted to call the pharmacist.  Bless him the girls still owe him a blowjob for a favour he had done for me... (so what if I sell my friends pffffft)  It transpires that I have a helllova allergic reaction to the pill.  Ya, maybe I should just go off it and stay on Xanax  (aaah the love of my life I tell ya).. Kidding my God!!! Its not THAT bad, I only take it when I am tense.... I get tense frequently cos I dont get laid enough.  I have the gorgeous frenchie but I need to make a call you know....

Damn damn damn, Aran could not race this past weekend as the gearbox on his bike was broken.  That was dreadful as Aran is a force to be reconned with on the track.  No for real!!! I dont just say that cos he is my son, I say that not as a mother but as the mouth piece of plenty!!! I am always proud of him and I frequently get tears in my eyes when I hear when people wax lyrics about him  *sigh*... My little boy is growing up.  Bugger the fact that he is 6 foot something..pfffffft... We had a good chat last night but of course the Rattex Queen was in her room watching her telly (oh and she says she is deaf) and while we were having a conversation she would agree with Aran.  Selective hearing or what??? Its rife in my family.. She is the poster child for it.  In fact, you can be outside or in the lounge and whisper "coffee" and she will holler YES  I WANT!!!!.  So much for deafness

Bless my Rattex Queen for making Toya put tins of food in my room!!  So organised she is that when I started laughing at the latest situation she realiszd her folly (or not) but went along with it and allowed Toya to put the tins back in the cupboard anyway,

OMG, the Spar round the corner from my house was selling four cousins wine (the 1,5l) for a whopping R39-00 .  hahahahahaha OF COURSE I had to lighten the load of the store that day I mean DUH it goes without saying.  We had a braai and well, the wine was just going.  Had hayfever a couple of times, played 30 seconds in our way like the pro I am and then went to bed.  No Naughty Natalie.  I think I was too pissed.  However, I was not hanging as bad as Channy and Sam.  Channy also passed out but Sam still went on a hunting spree.

Thats it for now I guess.  Wanna go and find out what the hell is going on with my arms and ears.  Mind you its only my left ear and as the expression goes... *hoe linker hoe flinker* it means someone is saying nice things about me.. For that I thank you.. hehehehehe... no its just a bloody allergy  my luck.

Catch ya all on the flipside soon.

Toodles for now

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