Monday, 3 October 2011

Arseholes and airheads

Well well well....what a lesson we all got on Saturday at Killarney.  We got ears put on us properly by a man/doos whose head is so big it wont even fit up his own arse.  It would feel like giving birth to triplets no wait...quadruplets.  To tell you that we were all shocked, disappointed, and disgusted does not even cover the basis.  I have never ever in my life seen a man/doos so flagrantly display disdain for other people. That someone could care so little and display such tardy behaviour was appauling.  There is however a very happy ending to all of this.  The best thing that could have happened to him walked away from him with dignity.  He will realise sooner rather than later but its too late already.  I dont even think he realises that he shot himself in the foot, cos all the support he had, and trust me there was a gone.  Even support from Johannesburg was forthcoming.  The fact that 100% of the people I know now call him an arsehole is exactly what it is...Methinks the wheel turns rather quick in some instances.  I just hope his penis does not fall off.....

Anyhow, for the rest of it.  Dont even let me get going on another idiot.  I think I should just learn to shutup about him  I mean really.  What is wrong with the men of today.  Creepy fuckers, hitting on young girls, old girls, women without teeth, whatever... Is it just so that you dont suffer from penis envy from the guy standing next to you.  What the hell is wrong with you people.  Guys trying to slip out with someone and think no one noticed.  Hmmm yes dear...we did.

Watching Aran race is absolutely amazing.  I can honestly say that was the best thing all day as it normally is when he races.  He did really well considering its his first National race. They boykie came 6th not to shabby I say.  I can truly tell you all that I am really a very very proud parent.  And I have every right to be.

A whore/ho/hooker, then gets drunk beyond belief, and well, acts like a hooker (what can I say) and hits someone in the ladies.  And that AFTER she had  a right go at someone outside on the balcony.  She then attacks another individual who has more class in her little finger than the ho has in her used vagina or her whole body for that matter.  She had to be removed from the club house...YAY I mean we had people from all over SA coming to race and we have the random hooker showing who she is....pffffft.......I think someone needs to tell her that when she is drunk she should not speak so loud in the ladies as well.... all her conversations are heard.... sloppy dear, very very sloppy.... Now go and wash the vagina and learn to play nice with people....


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  2. Cheers to a darling friend who is shot of the "man/doos". You are better for it my love.

    Well done to Aran for his super racing. His racing was the ONLY event one the day that was exciting in anyway.