Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hell NO

Holy shit.  I KNEW I should have taken today off and had an Eid day.  I knew it.  I knew it.  I knew it. My nail is about to break and I am freaking out.  They are painted a  beautiful red/orange naturally and are so ready for the races on Saturday.  Ok, now my bloody nerves are starting to go as well... Shit a brick, Aran is racing a 1000cc on Saturday.  Roll on Killarney oh and obviously roll on Vodka.  I mean really.  They do go hand in hand when Aran is racing.

And a new one for the books.....I cooked last night...I made a quiche.... MY interpretation of a quiche at least.  It was fabulous.  And I made eisbein but someone got their grubby fucken paws on it and so I cant serve that for dinner tonight.  Dammit.  The quiche was fully loaded and so no one had of the eisbein and I figured that I could attempt doing some veggies with it for tonight and WHALA a meal but alas...its not to be.  Nothing is sacred in our house...

My cooking attempts are way way way outdoing my exercise attempts.  Yeah, I am trying to cook now in my later years but shit, when the diet comes....uhm ya...I am still eating what I must but but but I am also eating what I must not...eeeek.  Oh well, who gives a shit, I am having an awesome time.  I think my bicycle is a bit pissed off with me cos its not being used right now... I think I will abuse it next week again.  Megan and I were going to attempt doing the beach walk but bloody hell, blame it on the weather.  Next week for sure. Obviously we all have to take Janet and Steven to the airport and snot our eyes out cos she is leaving.

Oh Janet you are such an awesome person and we always miss you when you are not around.  Even Sasha says she is going to miss you... *sigh*.

Bugger that, back to my damn nail...grrrrrr. It wants to break so badly and I am trying to avoid that even more...

Monday, 29 August 2011

The weekend.....

Well now, I had to do my dear Chelsea's hair on Fri night.  Well with not enough product and me improvising I can only say...her hair was not a success...eeeek...Instead Megan and I drank and got rather ...well under the weather.  I realized in my boozed state that I was not actually a Roman Royal in my past life but a bloody cow.  I will not tell you how I came to that conclusion cos I know you will laugh your arse off at my conclusion.  I was depressed after the conclusion.  Nonetheless, it was a fabulous night which lead to Bianca going out and calling me at 4-00am saying she is bringing me something.  She brought me pizza and cream soda....just what the doctor ordered along with some company, who left after it had eaten.  That was about 5-00am in the morning when the droogies set in..eeeeuw...

On Saturday night, we were as usual gathered around the dining room table for our usual talk session..  DO rememeber this is a laugh a minute ok cos its very random.

On Sunday morning Janet reminds me to get up early and to get ready cos we were having a braai at our house from 12-00.  After her message, I got up, did my nails, did my hair, put on makeup and well, got done, so when they arrived there and said..but you had done nothing...I was confused... Wait a bit,,,,, she meant I had to get the braai ready NOT me...OH PLEASE, we know I had to get sorted....I mean really.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Hair days

Last night it was suppose to be Chelsea.  I was going to do her hair but as usual something always happens and then one cant do it.  Sasha is going to get the product today and then we will all sit and drink while I do Chelsea's hair.  Ya, I am going to be drinking while I do her hair.  Regardless if I drink too much while doing it I am quite sure she is going to look stunning when I am done with her.

 I recall doing Sams hair and OMG I forgot to tell her to take it off and when we looked again, there was smoke rising from her hair.  No lies. SMOKIN....that was when we had a bit of an oops moment.  No alcohol on that day though.  Just us women thinking we were hairdressers.   Nothing changes....I always believe I can do whatever I want but pffffffffffft sometimes it comes out good other times not so good.  Aah well.,... shit happens eh....

My damn ankle... I think I twisted the lil thing.  It is sore again but then could be sore cos Megan and I are doing the beach walk on Monday again...I need to do it but dammit....I wish I could stop this.  I was on the way out when I felt a tweak in my ankle and then a shooting pain..Ooooh that sucks ok...

Its weekend, its wine time...Oh ya...having a braai on Sunday with my Welshie and her family and some friends.  It can only be good.  Not going to be drinking THAT much but will be wearing my *vlamboyante vere* in my hair.  That is all I need to look sexy right....LOL

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Who would have thought.... *sigh*  Dinner was a huge success.  Oh hell yes...NOTHING...I tell you NOTHING was burnt.  I even made the basmati rice myself...hell yes  *pats* own back.  Served spring rolls for starters (which were bought OBVIOUSLY).  I did however attempt to hide the packet and let them all believe that I had actually made the spring rolls.  I recon that was a bit too far fetched in my cooking vocab.. Unfortunately for me, they all knew that was bullshit from the start.  You win some you loose some right.

I then made Thai green curry and basmati rice for mains and for dessert I made a cheesecake and a (bought) milktart.  I shall slowly attempt to do these things.  My lil cheffie Sasha was not there to assist so I was left out high and dry but was glad I coped so well *sigh* what a blessing I am I tell ya....LOL

My ankle definitely is much better now.   That means Megan and I will be resuming our tri weekly walk on the beach.  It sounds nicer than it is ok.. Sometimes I think its a punishment but those are the days when I am grumpy over something.

As for the diet...BUGGER THAT......

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


So today I am going to cook for my Welsh family.   Cooking you say?  What the hell,... I CANT COOK.  I have been given fool proof recipes.. its a is not fool proof.  I proved that one properly.  I am going to get some assistance by Rob and by Sasha.  Sasha however, is not going to focus cos her Clinton is back in town and I can assure you my food is not first and foremost on that cows mind.  11 mouths to feed and I want to do the smart thing and make it a 3 course meal.  Dear Lord, Bless em all cos they are going to need it...

I really have no cooking clue as to what I must do.. Am throwing thoughts around but thats about it..THOUGHTS...  hmmmm ABOUT THAT.....LOL...only kidding...  The fact that the Camel Man is going to be helping me today  *sigh*  *sigh* is all I can say....

Still worried about Kathy although I know she is in good hands with the surgeon.

Fuckit...,I really really need to go back on diet and back to riding my bicycle. Aaarg week ok..

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Troubled paradise

Our life is like a book.. Pity we don't know the bloody author so that we can read whats going to happen next.  Yesterday alone, 3 women, 3 similar problems.  Ok, ok wait...the one is an exception to the rule.  But 2 of the girls, same problem different place.  Whats up with men and their penis'.  I did not even manage to watch CSI last night as I had to rewind play rewind play rewind play oh and wait....loads of pauses.  A woman must always help another woman.  Lend an ear and just listen and boy oh boy do some of them talk a lot.  Yowzer!!!!

I am off to the airport to drop my JHB friend off after a 3 week visit.  I might haul my arse back to work, but you know its kinda cold out there so maybe I should go and lay in bed and just watch all my series that I have not managed too yet....

God Bless ya all and always try and remain positive and GOOD ok!!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fun fun fun

Saturday night with 7 other girls was abso-bloody-lutely awesome ok.  We went to a Morocco themed evening and I can assure you a blast was had by all.  In fact I got a prize for belly dancing thank you very much.  We also rock and rolled so hard, that I had to catch my breath after a song before I could walk off the dance floor.  I mean langarm???Hell yea...all of it I tell ya.  The food was awesome so was the red wine..LOLOL... Yea that was the tipple for the night.  Needless to say, I was not seeing very clearly...I have to stop sending sms on my cell late at night..  It reads funny.  I know what I am saying but phewwie...I dont think the people on the other side know what I am saying.  They have to get with my red wine program and I am sure they will understand.  Its the decyphering which is a problem for them.

Diet............uhm whats that word?  LOLOL  fuck pulling myself towards myself and aiming to start again.  I know I can...I know I will....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Oh boy

It was definitely a full house yesterday except Megan obviously didnt want to come and visit with the rest of them.  Maybe I should open a coffee shabeen.. Claudia brought some alioli thats some delicious garlic man.

Had the weirdest dream...I dreamt helped a cat save her kittens out of a pond by the sea.  Beautiful water and the cutest of kittens.  What the hell.  Is this my subconsciousness telling me that I must not throw that tom cat in the pool again.  Ok so he hasnt been back for a while but I now have a gorgeous white cat coming over.  My poor princess....*sigh*.  To be wanted by so many but not to put out is fabulous.

Lets not speak diet today....

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Ok its official.  My ankle is on exercise holiday cos its damn sore.  Megan the cow brought me cookies yesterday so thats the diet in its moer (well for yesterday ok).  And then I had the absolute pleasure of a Herbalife consultant brought to me specially by one of the dancers,  telling me how good it is for me.  Are you fucken crazy woman....I gained 8kgs on that stuff cos it is loaded with carbs...  But wait...thats not all the Herbalife consultant had such a fab time yesterday at my house, she is coming back today with a bottle of wine.. I think I should start selling wine by the glass or cups of coffee... cos hells bells, its a busy house..

Yesterday was a busy house again. I think Sasha and Megan are aware that some of my other mates are loco but you know you gotta love em cos they sit there with a straight face.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Damn the diet

Bloody hell this is really difficult now.. I have been so good for so many weeks... I got derailed 2 nights ago and had 2 slices of bread and then last night I got offered the most devine pasta.....Aaaarg.  I am weak I tell you weak when it comes to pasta...dammit dammit dammit.  I am gonna be good from now on.  Positive thinking.  The house was full yesterday.  There were 10 of us.  Good heavens and did we have a good gaggle and giggle. Its awesome to catch up like that

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lifes lessons

No matter how much you love, if you ever are mean and nasty to a person, its not love...its possession, its obsession its all things except love...Learn that lesson and you cannot go wrong

Bloody hell

You know, being on diet is hectic ok, exercising on top of that, ,.....exhausting...but now to have a crisis where I have to console 2 people that have just broken up.  Its difficult I tell you and I think I am blaming the full moon cos I just got a call from another friend that is coming to see me tonight to console her as she is about to pack it in.  And through allll of this...the one couple that I want to pack it not...I mean really???REALLY how the hell can one be so stupid.  Oh well I shall just hang in there and be there to pick up the pieces.

Oh ya...the diet...shit shit shit...last night was the the first time in 4 weeks that I had a slice of bread....OMG I LOVED IT!!!......

Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I have my friend from JHB still here in CT... She is keeping me very very busy but I must admit through all the dinners and lunches etc...I am still sticking to my diet..

I just wish life was as simple as diet..  If you are mean.. you dont loose weight.  If you are nice and decent and respectful to people you will loose weight... By now I would be thin.  The younger generation however, I could not say that about. I have heard treat them mean and keep them keen.. That makes sense cos man wants to be hunter not hunted.  However, on a different note, I have this horrible situation where I can not open my mouth and trust me I have a big one, as someone will get really hurt.  I am trying to convince young people that if you are mean and rude and say nasty things to your partner, then that is not love....

Trying to get them to listen and grasp what you are saying however, does not work.  As far as they are concerned, they are in love and their partner is not mean....aaaaarg.... I can kill I tell ya

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Can you believe this dammit....I have been on diet for 4 weeks, I have been doing exercise and I cant seem to lose weight... what the hell....

Monday, 1 August 2011

What a weekend

Hello there, I just have to say this.  WOOOOOOOOOW.... what a weekend.  I even got up early on Saturday morning to cycle cos I knew that I would be drinking on Saturday night.

I have not deviated from my diet at all.  My exercise might have slowed down a bit, just a bit but as for the rest...I am sticking to it.  On sat night we had a fondue.  That all fits in well with my diet cos its meat, fried in oil.. and of course i make a delicious garlic sauce which is perfect for me.  The only downfall was the alcohol.  Now THAT was a problem.  I got hayfever about 4 times during the evening...and I got that thingy that hangs in the loo stuck onto the back of my pants.  I must admit that only happened after 4ish in the morning so no one can explain it..but was there. And then of course on hangover day, all one wants to do is sleep and that I did do, with a glass in my hand on my chest, till I spilt the water on me, and then got a fright and topped the whole glass over...baaad I tell ya...baaaaad... LOL...

Pedal power back today... so lets hope Shane teaching me to cook or bake is not going to be a problem for my diet.....