Monday, 1 August 2011

What a weekend

Hello there, I just have to say this.  WOOOOOOOOOW.... what a weekend.  I even got up early on Saturday morning to cycle cos I knew that I would be drinking on Saturday night.

I have not deviated from my diet at all.  My exercise might have slowed down a bit, just a bit but as for the rest...I am sticking to it.  On sat night we had a fondue.  That all fits in well with my diet cos its meat, fried in oil.. and of course i make a delicious garlic sauce which is perfect for me.  The only downfall was the alcohol.  Now THAT was a problem.  I got hayfever about 4 times during the evening...and I got that thingy that hangs in the loo stuck onto the back of my pants.  I must admit that only happened after 4ish in the morning so no one can explain it..but was there. And then of course on hangover day, all one wants to do is sleep and that I did do, with a glass in my hand on my chest, till I spilt the water on me, and then got a fright and topped the whole glass over...baaad I tell ya...baaaaad... LOL...

Pedal power back today... so lets hope Shane teaching me to cook or bake is not going to be a problem for my diet.....

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