Monday, 22 August 2011

Fun fun fun

Saturday night with 7 other girls was abso-bloody-lutely awesome ok.  We went to a Morocco themed evening and I can assure you a blast was had by all.  In fact I got a prize for belly dancing thank you very much.  We also rock and rolled so hard, that I had to catch my breath after a song before I could walk off the dance floor.  I mean langarm???Hell yea...all of it I tell ya.  The food was awesome so was the red wine..LOLOL... Yea that was the tipple for the night.  Needless to say, I was not seeing very clearly...I have to stop sending sms on my cell late at night..  It reads funny.  I know what I am saying but phewwie...I dont think the people on the other side know what I am saying.  They have to get with my red wine program and I am sure they will understand.  Its the decyphering which is a problem for them.

Diet............uhm whats that word?  LOLOL  fuck pulling myself towards myself and aiming to start again.  I know I can...I know I will....

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