Thursday, 25 August 2011


Who would have thought.... *sigh*  Dinner was a huge success.  Oh hell yes...NOTHING...I tell you NOTHING was burnt.  I even made the basmati rice myself...hell yes  *pats* own back.  Served spring rolls for starters (which were bought OBVIOUSLY).  I did however attempt to hide the packet and let them all believe that I had actually made the spring rolls.  I recon that was a bit too far fetched in my cooking vocab.. Unfortunately for me, they all knew that was bullshit from the start.  You win some you loose some right.

I then made Thai green curry and basmati rice for mains and for dessert I made a cheesecake and a (bought) milktart.  I shall slowly attempt to do these things.  My lil cheffie Sasha was not there to assist so I was left out high and dry but was glad I coped so well *sigh* what a blessing I am I tell ya....LOL

My ankle definitely is much better now.   That means Megan and I will be resuming our tri weekly walk on the beach.  It sounds nicer than it is ok.. Sometimes I think its a punishment but those are the days when I am grumpy over something.

As for the diet...BUGGER THAT......

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