Friday, 30 September 2011

Taking Control

Hmmmmm you know that things are a bit fucked up, when your boss takes his money and then tells you that you cant take yer full salary cos uhm, debit orders has to be fullfilled...bwhahha NO LIES...I SHIT you not I am laughing about this... I really am and for some reason NOT stresses at all.

My blog today is about taking care of a situation.  My friend is in rehab.  Her fucked up import of  a boyfriend is trying to get hold of her.  He cant cos nobody knows where she is.  His only contact is with me.  And alas, he thinks I am the most evil person on this earth.  Good for him cos I am as far as he is concerned.  I have now called the woman that he lives with and informed her that he must pay over all the money he owes my friend or else he will be deported.  Shame, she had sympathy for him.  Seems like my sensitivity chip got a bit lost yesterday.  No wait... it got lost when the maid stole from me hmmmm.  still not a hard arse except when it comes to certain situations.

After having a business and realising that your life is filled with egotistical, self indulging individuals, you become aware of who really matters and why they matter.  When people say horrible things about other people and lie about other people they must realise that the wheel does turn.  So to those bullshitters speaking shit about people you call friends.  its ok they will find out...Whatever happened to good gossip.  You know you and your friend sits and gossips... wait wait wait..its not gossip its not scandal its a gossandal...where you all laugh and the next day its all over... whatever happened to that shit... gees.

Its weekend and Aran is racing superbikes. He is racing Nationals this weekend..eeeek...I will be there boots and all for mommy support.. yes please....xoxo  Love ya all and chat soon

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What the F.....

Oh my gosh.....5 weeks maybe more... holy crap.. thats when last I was on diet.  Or when I exercised for that matter.  Shit a brick... I dunno eh....this diet shit has to stop.  I want to loose the weight right.  I NEED to loose the weight but .....I have Shane as a neighbour and what a neighbour she is.  At night she brings me a treat..OMG... I just enjoy the treats so much, but its not helping with my thighs for heavens sake.  Those damn thighs love each other so much that I think they are scared of seperation anxiety and therefore wanna stick together.   : - ( ....... My mind however feels that they need to have a seperation.  A proper break up.  *You ...lefty, fuck off.... leave the right alone*  kinda thing. I think it will be best for them.  You know, its when you see a relationship and you KNOW its not a good one... well thats my left and right thigh I tell ya....  I think perhaps NEXT week I shall be back on my bicycle.  Oh hell... I feel the pain already.

Ok so now to the good stuff.  Aran is racing a 1000cc in the Nationals at Killarney this weekend.  By now, those who know me know its Vodka time.  This time however I think its gonna be more rather than less and I really would prefer it the other way. Vodka also entails caramel vodka, chocolate vodka, -  I have to say this cos I KNOW Megan is going to say...NO SHOTS Debbie.. I DONT DO shots... YEP.... I dont either but....its race day and its VODKA day...

 It will be nice to see Clinty again.  His absence has been noted and I truly hope that  Sasha whips his arse in shape.  LOL...I dont think he is gonna like me saying that.  Oh well its my blog page....hehehehehe....

Gee, after Aran not racing superbikes since November last year, he has to go bigger and get the 1000cc this year.  Yeah, dont freak your mom out son, she is crazy enough ok.... Nah he is pretty damn good on a fast bike if I have to say so myself.  Go big or go home son and I know you go big.  BIG.....did I say THAT word.  oh hell noooooooooooo not diet shit shit shit.....what is a woman suppose to do ....LOL


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An awesome Wedding

Have you ever argued with a tomtom and won?  Well, Trinity and I did.  The damn thing kept telling us where to go and I was determined it was taking us to the wrong place.  We did listen to it though and it did take us to a wine estate called Nooitgedaght but alas.... it was an estate in bloody Wellington.  Now I ask you with tears in my navy blue eyes...Is Stellenbosch THAT close to Wellington...Uhm NO....I think Warwick wanted to get rid of Trinity and myself... Damn him.  We made it to the wedding though albeit very very late.  I left my home at 2.30pm in Table View to go and collect Trinty and have directions on the tomtom to get to the wedding my 4.00pm.  HELL NO...THAT was a mere dream on our behalf.  We finally got to the wedding at 5.15pm.  Hmmmm I could have driven all the way up the west coast.  However, we did have a very very scenic route.  Whatever.....LOL

The bride looked beautiful... absolutely beautiful, although having said that its impossible for her to NOT look beautiful.. The groom was dashing too.  I think perhaps the guys are hotter in Pohmie land.

The venue and the food and the company and everything was just perfect. Trinity and myself found us some nice Pohms who were absolutely awesome.  We had so much fun with these useless fellas it was fabulous.  They could not dance cos well..... they were pohms, they could not see us dance...obviously cos they were pohms .... but hell were they fantastic company..  I had a hoot with these boys I tell ya.. And let me just tell you... they were B E A U T I F U L..... what eye candy!!!  *sigh*.... I should have taken my lil hottie Sasha with me too.... hell yea  ....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Thieving bitch

I had to have my maid locked up.   I cannot believe that one can steal from the hand that feeds you, and then have the fucken gall to say to the police, they planted the evidence there.  and stuff like  *You have always hated me Debbie*....IF YOU CAN LIE, YOU CAN STEAL you bitch, so listen up sister, I wanna know what shit you smoking.  You stole the fucken stuff out of my house, and out of the neighbours house, now accept what is going to happen.  Oh and the best is when she decided to tell the police that my mother tells her to fuck off all the time....OMG...have you EVER heard of anything that stupid..  The fact that people still mistake kindness for weakness flabergasts me beyond belief.  I am getting tired of some other people, and they must keep pushing.  I have a history of tolerance till I say...* no more*.....

Went to the army open day.  Ok you KNOW there is a problem when the army is scared of the army.  Yeah, they did loads of displays and it was nice and the bikes were the best.  But when the bikes were meant to jump over some of the army guys, they lay down infront of the ramp and as soon as the bike headed towards the ramp, we saw arms and legs and ....they ran away...True story.  

Shit, I am going to Telkom today and I am going to be nice and polite.  My mother needs her phone on at home and now has to reapply for one.  Hmmmmm lets not even go there.. Other than that the weekend was fabulous.

Wait, I have discovered that I need help.  I need some surgery.  NO not a lobotomy but lapband or gastric bypass.  If anyone knows anyone that knows anyone...I am there like a bear with my legs in the air....

Friday, 16 September 2011

Untravelled path

You know, to walk in our own shoes is rather difficult cos life is tough, but to walk in someone elses shoes makes a person so grateful for what they have.

Went on a road trip with my mother, Megs and one other.  What a day.  Every kilometer took us a kilometer closer to seeing her again.  The real her.  To know that this day has come and that she accepted it and was happy about it is the most incredible thing that has happened in the last year.  I will say its been amazing.  Shelley was just a bit worried there for a second.  Sent me an sms to remind me to bring my mother home and not forget her there....Everyone has shed tears but its all tears of happiness.  OMG even Andrew contributed to this.  I ran outside to see if it was snowing this morning.  But noooo... cos this is gonna change our weather somehow.

Well I am off to the army camp tomorrow.  Going to go and say goodbye to my cousin who is off to another country as a *peace keeper*.  Our army going to other countries to keep peace while their own backyard is filthy. I would rather let the army assist the police and curb crime for heavens sake. The more I think about it the more I KNOW I should be a politician.  Damn this bullshit....  Hmmmm the crime should suite the punishment.  Yeeeeee....

Ok enough of that crap.  Right now I just want EVERYONE to know that I am truly thankful and privileged for knowing them as they have all offered to assist and help.  Shows you hey, the world is made of good people.....

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little girls

I was actually going to write something here about a little girl trying to wear big girl panties, and when she gets bust she denies her words.  Oh well, I realized once I started writing that she is not worth it, so moving on.

We had such a blast with Charlie the male stripper on Saturday night.  Man oh man, that dude is built to last for a lifetime.  I think we all need one of those.  Lee had a fabulous time at her bachelorette  (although I doubt she remembers much)...LOL....Her bridesmaid Linky got her so on her plonker, that the girls were falling over like skittles.... 10 pin bowling anyone....LOL...It wasnt that bad, it was fun...

Trying to change a brunette into a blonde is bloody difficult.  This cow is not playing nice.  I keep saying....just go blonde but nooooo they always know better....*sigh*...I think once people listen to me, the world will be a better place.  It will be positive and happy and the odd bullshitter to make us laugh at them obviously, but mostly it would be a good place.

Yeah, I think I should approach the DA and tell them I want to be President of the Western Cape.....I will make it a country by itself and leave the rest of SA to SA.  That way, we can all be positive that everyone will stand a fair chance at whatever they do.  Oh hell yes, maybe thats my goal in life....hmmmm dont let me go there sista....LOL

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tough Love

Holy Toledo, that is a difficult road to walk.  I have just had a wonderful person incarcerated for her own good.  She knew it had to happen but when it came to crunch time, the bloody cow refused medical attention.  Oh hell no she di int!! Needless to say, I have more tenacity than she could ever have imagined, and was absolutely amazed at a phone call I received from her  this morning thanking me. I felt on top of  the world then I dear, it was not me... it was YOU...and Megan and other friends but mostly YOU.  Thank you God for giving everyone the strength to do this.  I was torn yesterday as this is something we have wanted to do to her for a very long time, but could never get it right.  If only she knew how many people shed tears to hear that she is going to get better.  I dont think she realizes how much she is loved.  Silly cow...But its ok, we all know she will come out the victor in this.

It was such an emotional day yesterday and writing this just brings it back. Wait let me rather get upset and think about the fact that I am tired and only got home at 2.55.  LOL  Arg its ok..... Its done and we feel great about it.  We feel bloody fantastic man not just great.

Now all we need to do is have a fund raiser.  Any good ideas out there???

Friday, 9 September 2011

Debbie does ...: Is Madness contageious?

Debbie does ...: Is Madness contageious?: I am quite stressed out. I think I need to take a Xanax before I start this bloody blog today. Here is the thing,... a breakup is never n...

Is Madness contageious?

I am quite stressed out.  I think I need to take a Xanax before I start this bloody blog today.  Here is the thing,...  a breakup is never nice.  you can never JUST be friends right away.  It does NOT work...never has and never will. Being friends after a while, (ONCE THE HURT IS GONE) does work.

However, you can always keep tabs on how crazy you go after the breakup right.  Well that's what my interpretation, and I am sticking to it.  I am now truly worried about my crazy friend going all nutty again.  I hate the fact that there is so much drama over this.  I hate the fact that families are now involved.  FFS.... what life did I live???? Thank God our youth and twenties were different....Come on, come on, I feel like I am going mad over this.  I cannot issue storm warnings to all.... certainly not all of the time....

Aaaah Rob my camel man came over and my mother cooked him dinner.  You gotta love the ole bat cos she made him....WAIT FOR IT...Curryless curry... yea I know you are going to wonder what the hell that is.  Well, let me tell you, I think she used food colouring to make it LOOK like curry when in fact it was just chicken whatever.  She said it was curry.... still waiting for a bit of a bite at least.  Its the next day and nothin is biting us....Oh well.

Its weekend and of course we have the party at my house tomorrow night.  Can not wait.  Cant say much about it till after, but I have to say I am truly excited and looking forward to it.

I am taking this kak purple nail polish off cos its not looking that good and of course going back to my red/orange.  I think I am going to Marilyn Monroe myself tomorrow.  OMG before I forget....I am going for the fish thing.  You know....where the fish eat your feet.  I know this is gonna be funny....without a doubt.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh hell....PMS

Shit shit shit, I just had to take my Xanax.  I just realized that if I go off pop and start fighting about Somalia and ignoring my friend Julius then there is a problem.  May God forgive me but I am getting annoyed cos everyone is feeling sorry for them.  Yes I too feel sorry for them but FFS can SOMEONE tell them that having a child pop out every nine months is NOT helping the situation.  Why can they NOT do something about sterilization?  why? why do people who work hard for their money now have to give it away to food aid.  Our fucken government cant even feed its own but YAY we are sending food aid to Somalia who well..... who has MILLIONS of flippen children.  Ok ok meds will kick in soon, I know it will feel the tone of this changing...LOL

Its like.....what do you call a woman that has PMS and ESP......A bitch that knows everything...LOL

I took Shane to school this  morning to sort out the problems she is having with the boy that is staying by her.  My advice was...LOCK HIM IN THE ok... geeeez I am PMS not the fucken devil.  Mind let me not go there.

Sasha should be out of hospital today and I doubt if I will be seeing her cos the weather is crappy.  However I need to catch up with my friend Kathy who had a brain tumour removed 2 weeks ago.  I just want to make sure my friend is ok.. I dont like it when my friends are ill or sad.  However, when they are crazy like Bee I  love it.  I just sit and watch...LOL....That is one hyped up puppy I tell ya.  You gotta love her though cos she does provide us with a lot of laugher...and coffee.... holy shit I dont think anyone drinks as much tea as our lil Bee so late at night and she doesnt even wet the bed!!! THAT I find fascinating....

Now let me tell ya all about our Camel man.  Gorgeous hunk of love that is so full of shit,  but full of shit or not, just to see him is a wow in our day.  As we are all well aware I am a pervert and perving over Rob is only a pleasure....He even smiles at me...I think he is a kinky lil fucker ...LOL  kidding..

Shitty weather, Xanax has kicked in, not in the mood to work but am in the mood to eat as I cannot do exercise in this kak weather. *sigh*.. so bugger the diet too... Bring on the wait....french toast.  ya now that sounds like a winner.....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A bit of a worry

So, our little Sasha is going in today to have her tonsils taken out.  I have sympathy for her.  And then of course my fathers brother whom we had never met and were going to meet yesterday also heard dreadful news and has to go into hospital to have the cancer taken out....oi vei... Would it not be fabulous if everybody was healthy and happy...oh no wait..that would just be bloody boring..  Lets just go with everyone having good health.  I would really like that..  Poor Bianca, she was still asking what was for supper and when she got home...guess what she got......a holler sounding like *Bianca, whats are you cooking for dinner?*** hehehehe..Poor girl, thought she was going to come home to a lovely home cooked meal.  I must say I did offer but no one really wants to eat my food.  I think they will if it was the end of the world and I was the only one left standing to cook...Aarg ok maybe even then they would say no.. Its NOT through lack of trying.  I am successful at times, few and far between but ya...I am successful..

Janet has gone back to Wales and since then has had a hellova problem getting her investment money paid to her.  What the hell?  They were so happy to take her money and now that she wants it back, there is always a problem...They are a pain in the arse.  Bugger Malema man, right now I am up for taking these people on.  tsk tsk.

OMG, do NOT even think that I am on diet or that I am physically fit.  I think honestly that Megan and I have to do this from next week Monday cos on Saturday night I have a party at my house which involves alot of ex strippers/dancers so yes...I am looking forward to catching up...Its gonna be good.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

WHAT the hell???

HOw the hell do I change this pic???

Cor Blimey ... life is great but Rumour is even better...

What an awesome Saturday we had at the racing.  Aran rode that 1000 like a demon.  He did really really well and his followers/fans (I am no 1) and spectators, were all sitting around a huge table drinking.  We were all there to support him.. Its fabulous when that happens.

Megan and myself as usual just laugh at all the shenanigans that goes on there.  Its not even worth it to respond or say anything but it is fascinating...this I have to admit.  Even if one keeps the mouth shut, someone will say that you said or did something...Its fucken awesome!!! On saturday, while sitting down, I tried to hook up 2 couples....just by me being there... Am loving this..I must be way better than I thought.  Anyway, whoever is making it up, thank you so much for giving me so much credit for something I know nothing about.  You ROCK you bloody gossip monger...I LOVE YOU....waaahahahhaa.  You may come and get my autograph later once I am done laughing.

Ooh oh our Atlantic beach gals came to party with us and it was fabulous seeing them again.  It was a pity that Sasha ran away and was gonna come back but never returned.  the damn cow...LOL...only kidding I absolutely adore that child....

Was going to meet my deceased fathers brother and his wife today that we had never met before.  Unfortunately there was bad news and now its not going to happen.  It might happen round about the 21st Sept.  We were all looking forward to it....dammit its sad.  We are all super excited to see him as he is the spitting image of my dad.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Are you nawty

Hello and here is the thing...I keep meeting these randoms on facebook and the most bizarre thing they ask me is....are you nawty..  Now as far as I know THAT word is spelt naughty.  I am assuming that they spell it incorrect on purpose or that it has another meaning.  Last time I was naughty I got a fucken hiding sunshine and it hurt like hell ok.  Nawty does NOT mean.... do you shag? Are you los?  Can I do you even though you dont know me? Can I do you even tho I am butt ugly? Noooo noooo nooooo you are wrong.. What the hell...that is NOT nawty you fucken perve...that just means you are horny thats all. SO my adivce to you, dont ask me stupid questions just say...I am horny and I shag anything that moves, that way its quick and painless for me to tell you to fuck off...get it..

Oh dear, my blind dates are getting less and less, must be my stunning personality...oh wait.....MUST be cos I am not nawty... WTF.... I dont wear a nappy, I dont need a spanking HOWEVER.....if you want one, I am all up for moering you ok...bring it on sunshine and lets see what happens when I beat yer arse till your nose bleeds honey....

Hmmm I seem a bit aggressive eh.  LOL I  am not.... Oh shit...and now the font on this thing just changed.  Oh give me strength today oh give me strength... 

I am going shopping after work for filters for my ciggies.  I smoke with long filters cos I wanna keep my lungs in a semi good condition.  I cant claim good on that one at all cos its skrewed already from smoking all those years but having taken care of it for the last couple I recon I am ok...

For now friends and foe, I need to do a bit of work as I think our customers are angry.. Wait let me not bullshit...they ARE angry.  Its like I made sure it was Eid yesterday therefore their work could not be done.  GO on then, keep on moaning cos I really dont give a shit....

I am really going shopping though... that will make me feel better...