Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An awesome Wedding

Have you ever argued with a tomtom and won?  Well, Trinity and I did.  The damn thing kept telling us where to go and I was determined it was taking us to the wrong place.  We did listen to it though and it did take us to a wine estate called Nooitgedaght but alas.... it was an estate in bloody Wellington.  Now I ask you with tears in my navy blue eyes...Is Stellenbosch THAT close to Wellington...Uhm NO....I think Warwick wanted to get rid of Trinity and myself... Damn him.  We made it to the wedding though albeit very very late.  I left my home at 2.30pm in Table View to go and collect Trinty and have directions on the tomtom to get to the wedding my 4.00pm.  HELL NO...THAT was a mere dream on our behalf.  We finally got to the wedding at 5.15pm.  Hmmmm I could have driven all the way up the west coast.  However, we did have a very very scenic route.  Whatever.....LOL

The bride looked beautiful... absolutely beautiful, although having said that its impossible for her to NOT look beautiful.. The groom was dashing too.  I think perhaps the guys are hotter in Pohmie land.

The venue and the food and the company and everything was just perfect. Trinity and myself found us some nice Pohms who were absolutely awesome.  We had so much fun with these useless fellas it was fabulous.  They could not dance cos well..... they were pohms, they could not see us dance...obviously cos they were pohms .... but hell were they fantastic company..  I had a hoot with these boys I tell ya.. And let me just tell you... they were B E A U T I F U L..... what eye candy!!!  *sigh*.... I should have taken my lil hottie Sasha with me too.... hell yea  ....

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