Friday, 9 September 2011

Is Madness contageious?

I am quite stressed out.  I think I need to take a Xanax before I start this bloody blog today.  Here is the thing,...  a breakup is never nice.  you can never JUST be friends right away.  It does NOT work...never has and never will. Being friends after a while, (ONCE THE HURT IS GONE) does work.

However, you can always keep tabs on how crazy you go after the breakup right.  Well that's what my interpretation, and I am sticking to it.  I am now truly worried about my crazy friend going all nutty again.  I hate the fact that there is so much drama over this.  I hate the fact that families are now involved.  FFS.... what life did I live???? Thank God our youth and twenties were different....Come on, come on, I feel like I am going mad over this.  I cannot issue storm warnings to all.... certainly not all of the time....

Aaaah Rob my camel man came over and my mother cooked him dinner.  You gotta love the ole bat cos she made him....WAIT FOR IT...Curryless curry... yea I know you are going to wonder what the hell that is.  Well, let me tell you, I think she used food colouring to make it LOOK like curry when in fact it was just chicken whatever.  She said it was curry.... still waiting for a bit of a bite at least.  Its the next day and nothin is biting us....Oh well.

Its weekend and of course we have the party at my house tomorrow night.  Can not wait.  Cant say much about it till after, but I have to say I am truly excited and looking forward to it.

I am taking this kak purple nail polish off cos its not looking that good and of course going back to my red/orange.  I think I am going to Marilyn Monroe myself tomorrow.  OMG before I forget....I am going for the fish thing.  You know....where the fish eat your feet.  I know this is gonna be funny....without a doubt.

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  1. I don't think it's madness my friend I think it's OBSESSION.... Shame hey! How insecure must one be to be obsessed with another....

    Anyhow see you later. LOL