Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A bit of a worry

So, our little Sasha is going in today to have her tonsils taken out.  I have sympathy for her.  And then of course my fathers brother whom we had never met and were going to meet yesterday also heard dreadful news and has to go into hospital to have the cancer taken out....oi vei... Would it not be fabulous if everybody was healthy and happy...oh no wait..that would just be bloody boring..  Lets just go with everyone having good health.  I would really like that..  Poor Bianca, she was still asking what was for supper and when she got home...guess what she got......a holler sounding like *Bianca, whats are you cooking for dinner?*** hehehehe..Poor girl, thought she was going to come home to a lovely home cooked meal.  I must say I did offer but no one really wants to eat my food.  I think they will if it was the end of the world and I was the only one left standing to cook...Aarg ok maybe even then they would say no.. Its NOT through lack of trying.  I am successful at times, few and far between but ya...I am successful..

Janet has gone back to Wales and since then has had a hellova problem getting her investment money paid to her.  What the hell?  They were so happy to take her money and now that she wants it back, there is always a problem...They are a pain in the arse.  Bugger Malema man, right now I am up for taking these people on.  tsk tsk.

OMG, do NOT even think that I am on diet or that I am physically fit.  I think honestly that Megan and I have to do this from next week Monday cos on Saturday night I have a party at my house which involves alot of ex strippers/dancers so yes...I am looking forward to catching up...Its gonna be good.

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