Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Getting flashed by a taxi jockey

This morning, along with every other morning, I get pissed off driving to work.  I get really really pissed off, as we are all sitting in our vehicles, waiting our turn to go.  Then along comes a taxi, and zooms past us on the wrong side of the road and cuts off traffic and hey, its ok, cos most of us, sit in our vehicles and get annoyed and call them names, but never do anything.

This is the third time I have zipped into the oncoming lane in Table View in South Road, to prevent a taxi from riding like a doos. They come down the road at a hellova speed, andwe all just sit and wait our turn.  I say NO MORE!! This morning as I looked in my rear view and side mirror and saw the taxi coming, I pulled out and then pulled  up  NEXT to the vehicle that was infront of me.  The taxi driver skidded to a halt behind me, and made movements as if he was going to take me off the road. His jockey or whatever you call the idiot that does the screaming and shouting and collecting of money, jumped out of the taxi and ran towards my window calling me all sorts of names.  I laughed and swore at him and said, get back in your box, we are ALL waiting to get to work.  Not moving out the taxis way,  the dude in the vehicle next to me smiled and waved and showed that I could move into the traffic infront of him.  I did not want to so I stayed where I was till the taxi pulled in where my car was behind the vehicle.  The taxi then pulled back into the oncoming traffic in an attempt to frighten me to move out of the way.  I am menopausal you doos!!!!! It aint gonna work!!!.  I then get into the traffic and as I pull into it, the taxi goes past on the wrong side and shows me the finger.  All good.  As I get onto Koeberg road, he is infront of me.  There I am, getting ready to take a photo of the taxis registration number as I am going to complain about it.....

I click away but of course, the pics are skew and really shitty, I keep at it though.  All of a sudden the taxi stops, and the taxi jockey hops out and dances infront of the registration number so that I cant take a pic. ... I show him the middle finger!!! He then turns around, and pulls down his pants.  I mean do I really wanna see a fat arse?? I have one already ffs!!!,  Oh wait, this idiot has nooooo idea I am menopausal and a fucken lunatic... I put foot on the accelerator .. my car jolts forward, this idiot does not even have time to pull up his pants, but leaps out of the way in time (dammit), and then swipes my car with his bag as I drive past, calling me terrible names!!! Sis on him!! Get in my way, and I will ride you over mother fucker!! Stop threatening us. Learn to drive and we will all get along fine.

Till then taxi man......... I wait for you!! Remember......, when you see a crazy woman, wonder whether its me and my menopause.   be scared....be very scared!!!!.

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  1. Thanks for the happy ending to your story! I installed a dash camera. One person questioned the events - saw the video and paid for the damages.
    Much satisfaction with no argument!