Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oh Lordy

Well well well, the new floor was suppose to be laid today.  (unlucky floor) it got nothing.  Phew., this has been a pretty long damn wait and still nothing.  My floor is like me....never getting laid, what the hell.

As for the diet..OMG sooo sticking to it, but,.....  and here is something..... I am going on a date and how could a date be complete without a glass or 4 of wine.  One never knows if one has to drink em pretty.  Let me be blessed and let him be HOT.   Now THATS called positive thinking....

Trying to date and loose weight is a hellova thing...One at a time is stressful enough, so imagine trying both...aaah well...its all an adventure

Monday, 25 July 2011

Whoop whoop

Ok so I had to do a weigh in on Friday.  I was convinced that I had lost anywhere between 2 and 3kgs.  Well, when I got on the scale it showed a mere movement of .600gms.  I was pissed off beyond belief.  I stuck to my diet, have been doin exercise which is very very NEW to this bodacious body of mine, and all round have just followed all the rules I should have followed. There is however ONE factor that us ladies seem to forget about.  Its not up to us if we are going to loose weight.  *sigh*... I got my monthly and then KA-CHING it hit me, I realised that my loss would be more than .660gms if not for that little factor.  Oh well, still feeling good and strong and still on the warpath with the excess weight.

Determination is my name now I tell you, and besides that, I am a bridesmaid and I dont want to be the blob on the photo...That aint gonna be me.......

Friday, 22 July 2011

Weigh In

Today is a weigh in and I am excited about it..  I am 100% sure I have lost more than 1kg this week...

I have been doing alot of thinking and am glad my friend Irene is bringing me a book about positive thinking.  Ah huh, thats what the doctor ordered.  I mean, even though I am loosing weight, I am still not happy.  There are many negative things that I have to get rid of.  If I can get rid of the negativity in my mind and be more positive and upbeat then I know, I can and will conquer what I want.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Damn damn....double damn

We are all doing our walk and our weigh in today... So scared...LOL..dunno if I made it..Sure as shit am hoping against all hope that even if it shows a 200mg loss..it will be a loss...Last weigh in was a doozie...I gained weight by going on diet..yeeee right....

Anyhow, I have decided that I am really a stupid person at times...I really wish I knew how my head works at the best of times... I can give great advice but I sure as hell do not know how to follow it...

Am gonna call Aran today cos he has been waaaaay to quiet...This silence is not my son.. Hell no... he is verbose most of the time...Gonna get to the bottom of his change...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

No walking today

Oi vei, Megan and I did not weigh in yesterday.  We did however discover that we walk a whole 2.2kms.  Not too shabby for me I would say.  Shit,.....thats like a whole 2.2kms more than I have ever walked so its all good.

I did not take my mother to Fruit and Veg yesterday cos that would have been *Death by trolley*.  It would mean I would have to let her fall and then push the trolley over her and then pull it back and go backwards and forwards over her...  I would be too exhausted.. Gave up THAT idea. however, I dunno about the dosage of Rattex eh.....ONLY KIDDING.....I do not give her that....  I suppose she is just having a bad hair day.

Perhaps I should expand my horizon and look elsewhere for personal growth and satisfaction..... Lets wait and see.

My cousin is coming to visit this weekend from Gansbaai.  Yaaa pappie, lets hope her and my Canadian decide to go out and get drunk together..

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


So 2 of our walkers are unable to make today..  Thats fine cos Megs and I will just do the beach then.  I did not know I could do it.  It also means that our weigh in will be delayed till Friday.....FRIKKEN AWESOME...

Today the new lady starts at our home.  Heres to hoping having a live in will extend my life somewhat...LOL...Yea she has got to keep G-ran busy.  So damn busy that she doesnt even notice when I am not there....

FInally doing it

Today is the 2nd weigh in on my goal to loose weight.  The first weigh in was a total balls up...I gained 2 kgs...pfffft...That sucked but hey, I am SURE this time will be better.

I just want you all to know that this is a very long and tiring journey.  I have been more pissed in the last 2 weeks trying to loose weight than I have in the last 2 months.  Aah well..lets wait and see...it can only get better right???