Monday, 25 July 2011

Whoop whoop

Ok so I had to do a weigh in on Friday.  I was convinced that I had lost anywhere between 2 and 3kgs.  Well, when I got on the scale it showed a mere movement of .600gms.  I was pissed off beyond belief.  I stuck to my diet, have been doin exercise which is very very NEW to this bodacious body of mine, and all round have just followed all the rules I should have followed. There is however ONE factor that us ladies seem to forget about.  Its not up to us if we are going to loose weight.  *sigh*... I got my monthly and then KA-CHING it hit me, I realised that my loss would be more than .660gms if not for that little factor.  Oh well, still feeling good and strong and still on the warpath with the excess weight.

Determination is my name now I tell you, and besides that, I am a bridesmaid and I dont want to be the blob on the photo...That aint gonna be me.......

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