Thursday, 14 July 2011

No walking today

Oi vei, Megan and I did not weigh in yesterday.  We did however discover that we walk a whole 2.2kms.  Not too shabby for me I would say.  Shit,.....thats like a whole 2.2kms more than I have ever walked so its all good.

I did not take my mother to Fruit and Veg yesterday cos that would have been *Death by trolley*.  It would mean I would have to let her fall and then push the trolley over her and then pull it back and go backwards and forwards over her...  I would be too exhausted.. Gave up THAT idea. however, I dunno about the dosage of Rattex eh.....ONLY KIDDING.....I do not give her that....  I suppose she is just having a bad hair day.

Perhaps I should expand my horizon and look elsewhere for personal growth and satisfaction..... Lets wait and see.

My cousin is coming to visit this weekend from Gansbaai.  Yaaa pappie, lets hope her and my Canadian decide to go out and get drunk together..

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