Tuesday, 20 December 2011

8 Hours of racing and other stuff

Aaaaah what noise, what bliss, what fun.  It was the 8 hour on Saturday.  I cant believe that grown men and young ones for that matter can ride a bike for so long.  For those that don't know, its a relay race with anything from 2 to 4 riders in a team.  Even if you are 4 riders, you are still going to be riding for 2 hours.

I only got there midday but did realize that there were definitely less damaged riders.  Last year there were 4 or  5 that broke collar bones.....Now that is a bonus... It is always great to catch up with everyone.  Finally met Monique, which by the way,  I need her to give me her surname so that I can add her as a friend.  We had quite an interesting conversation about a powdered nose... Yea, you know those he said she said things.  I believe her version 100% cos I knew who she was but had never met her.  Sasha was back in town and it was great seeing her as I also have Janine staying by me for the holidays.   About that..... let me tell you this poor girl comes from Jhb and comes to Cape Town on vacation.  You know those relaxing, nice and calm take it easy kinda things... Poor Janine just cant believe that my house (the brothel) is so busy all the time.

As a social drinker and only normally drink on racing days, I need to say, I have been having drinks constantly every single day (since last week Monday).  Oh boy, its like Tiara said, it feels like I have a jersey on my teeth, except of course, its worse....

Audrey has come to visit from JHB as well.  OMG this woman is wild and wonderful.  Had a fantastic time with her and her mum on Sunday night.  They just popped over to visit and well, lets just say at 3-45 in the morning they left..... Plenty liquor devoured.  Sore head yesterday, and of course swollen tongue and other stuff. Stuff like feeling like a kangaroo shat in my mouth.  Poor Channy, Janine and Trevor were still up when I got up to go to work.... I really cant say who spoke the most as I think they all spoke alot that night.

Cant wait for Wednesday night as we are having a braai for Audrey before she heads back to Jhb on Thursday.  All I can say is, those of you coming, be ready.....be very very ready!!!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Drama and charity

Goodness me, I have not been able to stop laughing today.  I got loads of emails and of course my cooked goose also had to send me some stuff.  She is a funny bunny I tell you...... Ranting and raving and the more I respond with my bwhahahha and my lolling the angrier she is getting and the more insulting she is getting.  Shame man, I must stop laughing at her cos I know she cannot help it.  She is still stuck on the fact that I only have 8 followers on the blog.  That being said, I wonder if she realises that people read my blog through facebook and twitter and therefore do NOT need to become a follower.  Oh well, thats just my ignorance as I know nothing...

Anyway, my eyes are still swollen from drinking on Saturday.  I was useless yesterday, absolutely useless but ended up going to Shelley and Armando and having a braai and a good swim there to clear the head. Pity it did not stop the swelling. Due to vodka, I look like Americas most wanted right now... Aaarg, why do good times always follow with sore heads and swelling.

We had a charity braai to collect some funds as well as some non perishables for a friend.  It went down very well.  I have to thank the Spar and that sexy Richard Rebeiro from the Spar for donating the rolls.... I could have him on a roll I tell ya...  And of course the people that pitched up to support what we were doing.  You are all fabulous and I KNEW that you would be there without a doubt.  Its funny how we always know who is going to help and who is sincere. I love that about my friends... Oh and I do mean friends and NOT acquintasnces ok.  Lets get that sorted out...LOL....

I need to get home to go and swim.  Its far too hot to be indoors.  I need some relaxation...

Monday, 28 November 2011


Well now, you know that expression that you can never have too many friends....Its a lie.  Apparently you can!! And it can lead to all kinds of things.  On Friday afternoon, Megan, Sasha, the Rattex Queen, Toya and myself were at my house.  I had phoned the Gas Shoppe to bring me gas as the stove had died.  While we were waiting for the gas man, Megan sees a guy looking over our wall.  She shows him some serious sign language about him going around to the front of the house.  I was busy making coffee and stepped out of the kitchen to go the front door to tell the guy to come there.  As I open the door there is another guy standing at my front door.  I smile and say ooooh helllooooo you must be the gas guys.  The guy says no... he is SAPS.  So we are all laughing and smiling and not believing a word cos after all we are waiting for the gas guy right.....Anyway, the next minute, there is another guy so now we have 3 guys and they are in our house and laughing with us etc etc.  Eventually they tell us, that they are following up an anonymous complaint that my house is a brothel/strip club.  I was like *hell yeah, see that woman.... (the Rattex Queen aka my mother) she is my main money spinner.* I then point to Toya who is innocently standing doing the ironing and I say *you see her... she is my 2nd biggest money spinner*... and we are all laughing.  I still tell the Police that its a pity they cant see snap crackle and pop in action... (thats Jan, Rattex Queen and Nazek).... Big joke....

But now honestly, we are all saying that they are joking and we really do not believe them cos they are laughing with us... until ..... the one shows me an anonymous email they received.   It was in the lines of  *lots of vehicle movement at ............................ *  What the fuck???? I have friends... and I am fortunate to have friends but apparently it is burning someone elses arse.

SO, I just want to thank my friends that come and visit... bwhahahahha, cos without you people, no one would have suspected I run a brothel.....LOLOLOLOL....Oooooh and DO NOT FORGET... SATURDAY is Charity Braai day for a friend... Bring Non perishable goods and R50-00 but you can bring more if you want......

Now let this be a lesson, be proud of your friends.  Regardless of who they are and what they do cos you never know, there could be a hooker in each one of us without us even knowing.  We all found that out on Friday...

By the way, if anyone knows anyone that knows someone that does lapband...I am ready.....

Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting over EX's

I was shocked and amazed and totally fucken baffled when I read a friends facebook??  OMG What the hell is this child thinking.  I thought she was over her ex but clearly, the way she is trying to get over him is not working.  Attacking ladies is not even funny to say the least.  I understand that there was a woman that had always been nice to her, with regard to the situation.  The problem however is that she does not know how to treat people that are nice to her.  I think its pretty damn sad that she has to slate and be mean and yes, she is fucken mean when she wants to be,  and then hides it under a veil of *I did not mean it that way, I am just being sarcastic*.... NO you think you are the most intellegent person walking this earth and looking down on others... Your thoughts are very very ugly 99% of the time.  To go on like that on facebook about someone that she is supposedly over, (look at previous posts as well with regard to *what was I thinking*) just goes to show that this girlie has a very very long way to go in growing up actually.  I just get so damn annoyed and it gets my back up, that someone can lie and make it sound good till the people hear the truth.  He might be way younger than her but in actual fact he has acted more mature than her.

Believe it or not....I KNOW her, and I actually keep telling everyone that she is a nice person... THIS is NOT the girl I know...This bitter and totally twisted version is not who she was.  Lets hope the real friend stands up....

She did leave JHB BUT....and here is the kicker..... it was for various reasons and the ex was only ONE of the reasons.  Why oh why oh fucken why does it have to be so bloody horrible...WHY??? I am actually grating my teeth here cos I am gonna go off the deep end.

So, lets hope you all learn that if a man breaks up with you, because you are mean and really rude to him....its normal... Please girls ACT NORMAL thereafter.  All you are doing is showing them and the rest of the world what a twat acts like.....and from you gals, I EXPECT more... Pull yourself towards yourself.

Oh and, please do not write me a long long useless email about how good your are and trying to show that you are better than me....You arent....

Monday, 21 November 2011

French cooking?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, this title is deceitful, very very deceitful..... You see, the Frenchie has nothing to do with cooking.   The Frenchie is .... well the Frenchie is HOT... More than that I cannot say as my child will slaughter me. Being the Virgin Mary is a difficult road to follow I tell ya.  Try as I might I am unable to be THAT good.  I am good though, good at being bad but still good nonetheless....NOT saying anything else with regard to this...hehehehe

On Sat night I wanted to make some lovely pasta.  I did cook it properly, and then I added some tuna and then some feta and of course a lovely white sauce.... The problem arose when I added the sauce and it came out like soup.  Basically it was a pasta soup I made without my knowledge. The rattex queen did not want any, so I ate, cleaned the dishes and the kitchen  (HATE HATE HATE a dirty kitchen) Dont ever want to be like someone I know that when people walk out of their house they always say horrible things cos their house is always dirty.  eeeeuw... but not deviating from the matter here, I put it away as Poncho (my cat) has become a nightmare!!.  On Sunday morning I decided that I was going to turn the soup into a proper sauce.  Anyway, I strained the pasta, and recooked the sauce and then in my INFINITE wisdom, decided to add some funny flippen pesto stuff and who knows what the hell else.  After making the sauce thick and adding it to the pasta, I then tried to feed the gardener....to no avail....I then tried feeding the cat.....to no avail... and then myself....Holy shit the food tasted KAK...I have no clue how I did that, but I did abuse the gardener verbally for not wanting to eat my quality food..  all he kept saying is *eish madam , I did try madam but I ke not eet it... sorry madam*... my cat just turned her nose up.... and me....well I tasted my portion, and well, threw it all in the bin.

They should make a reality show on teaching me how to cook... call it *how not to cook with Debbie* or something like that.  It brings me back to school when my teacher would not taste my cheese souffle.  She said it did not look right and it was black...dammit....by now I should know.... but hey, I am good at some things you know.  Not all bad....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Debbie does ...: Weekend and more

Debbie does ...: Weekend and more: What a move on Friday. Everything was done. Everything is moved out properly, boxed stored etc etc. No fear of anything lost or sold...No...

Debbie does ...: poor victims

Debbie does ...: poor victims: I do have a sensitivity chip. When I am upset, you see that I am upset. When I am happy, you see that I am happy. Its blatantly obvious t...

Debbie does ...: Stilettos and Killarney

Debbie does ...: Stilettos and Killarney: Well now well well well, what a day. First we had to go to a Breast Cancer Awareness function that Sasha had organised. I tell you, I cann...

Debbie does ...: Be damned

Debbie does ...: Be damned: I know I have been terrible with the blogging but hey, believe it or not ....I WORK ok.... well, ya I do..... I am going to the Italian cl...

Debbie does ...: Charlies Angels

Debbie does ...: Charlies Angels: Oh what a night we had on Friday. Adam was our Charlie, and Kathy, Alison and myself were the angels. Well now. First off let me just exp...

Debbie does ...: For womens' eyes only

Debbie does ...: For womens' eyes only: Today I have a situation that I simply have to tell you about. Its not going to be long but its sure as shit is hard for me to write. I am...

Debbie does ...: Loving.....IT

Debbie does ...: Loving.....IT: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, what the hell was my problem? I was in Blackberry denial since it has come out. I took one look at the phone and w...


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, what the hell was my problem?  I was in Blackberry denial since it has come out.  I took one look at the phone and was like *aaaarg* thats going to be a mission to use.  BIG MISTAKE...BIG BIG BIG mistake.... I eventually got one two days ago...OMG....Yesterday was my first official day on the thing and I just want to warn all my friends and family out there that I took to it like a duck to water... Barbie to Ken,  etc etc.... Never in my wildest dreams did I know it was so damn easy... It has caused a problem though as by the end of the day yesterday my thumb on my left hand was shaking.  I looked at this damn digit and thought what the hell man, but then, really, after thinking and looking at how hard it worked yesterday, I realised...Thumb pump!!! ye...LOL.... You know when guys race big big bikes they get arm pump from grabbing the clutch or brake or whatever, anyway, I got thumb pump...and thats not the only thing thats sore ok.  My lower arm is also hurting...Perhaps I was enjoying it too much but there is always something good to follow somethin like that.  HELL YEA...I then found ALL by myself I might add!!!!!!!.... a Voice message thing... so instead of texting...you leave a voice message.  How damn inventive is that I tell ya.... only problem is my son Aran and some friends do not think its a good idea.  I sent them all voice messages this morning wishing em all a glorious day and hoping to see em soon and they all TEXT me back to kak me out... one exception though is Shantel Rossland...that bitch voiced me back and shat on me..bwhahahaha... no way Shantel, you know I cant take that laying down...lets see who wins this one...lemmie guess...its meeee its meeee....LOL

Racing was great this weekend.  I did not consume copious amounts, I had a headache.  Oh boy, why cant we all always be happy... Shit...I can, I have Xanax...what is my problem??? 

Not much to say except that the kittens are leaving....*sigh* and I know I am gonna miss them but NOT the hayfever that comes with them...I have been itching from head to toe and I am rather glad that Sasha Jamie Hall is still in JHB cos if the kitten came to sleep with her at night she would have convinced G-ran to keep it.  So ya, there is a reason for the cow to be gone for so long...Shall we say in this regard we are thankful perhaps....
Ya we are actually so thank you Clinton for keepin her there.  Never thought I would say that cos we miss her...bwhahhahaha...

Right you lot, I gotta get productive... see ya all soon and remember....VITAMIN C...is good for you...!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

For womens' eyes only

Today I have a situation that I simply have to tell you about.  Its not going to be long but its sure as shit is hard for me to write.  I am just hoping against all hope that men don't read this..... 'THIS is totally embarrassing.... Yesterday morning while cycling to work...Yes yes yes I do cycle to work on the odd occasion (trying to get slim ya know) ..Oh my word I feel totally embarrassed about this but I know I have to warn women about the hazards of the.......panty liner...Yes, its a hazard, a sore hazard.  

Anyway, while cycling, I could not understand why my coocha was feeling funny. When I pushed down with my left leg, I dunno, it felt kinda weird on my right side of the coocha and vice versa.  Mind you, it was a tingly sensation, perhaps I can invent a bicycle vibrator or something like that...Kidding already geez.... When I went to the ladies at work, I pulled my pants down, and I could not,  for shits or giggles get my knickers down as it was too damn sore.  It was hurting like a bitch.  The problem, I HATE to admit, is that I had the damn panty liner on upside down.  The glue bit...and for the purpose of this blog I will say they use superglue on that damn thing.... was stuck to my coocha....It was the most painful bikini wax in life I recon.... but lets not go there...THAT is a complete different story OMG.

So, I recon I need to get my eyes tested ..... and then maybe shit like this wont happen to me.

The lesson here ladies.....MAKE DAMN SURE YOU put the glue on the right side ok, NOT on your coocha!!!!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Charlies Angels

Oh what a night we had on Friday.  Adam was our Charlie, and Kathy, Alison and myself were the angels.  Well now.  First off let me just explain to you all that Elvis Presley IS alive and is living happily in Table View.  I know this cos I saw him on Friday night.  He performs at the Italian club as he is a bit low key these days you know.  What an awesome time we had.  Poor Charlie had to dance with all of us, and then of course, Charlie decides that tequila is the order of the night after a couple of bottles of wine....Cant tell you how time flew on Friday night.  Got home and thankfully Sasha was there.  She then drove me to the shop (in my car) and we got some lemon twist and heaven alone knows what else.  Anyway, on Saturday, I went to visit Shelley and Armando and I moaned cos it felt like someone had driven my car.... I was flabbergasted, until of course Sasha filled me in.  What a night.  I must have danced my arse off cos on Saturday I could not move, was in zombie mode, and then only on Sunday did my legs hurt.  Yea...those blue suede shoes, and all his other hits.  Elvis still has got it..... Brilliant...

Today I still have a horrible headache..... but I think its related to the weather.  Our weather has gone bonkers on us and its affecting us all.  So much hay-fever and sinus going around.  And apparently when you sneeze its like an orgasm.  If that is the case, then I am permanently orgasming as I have bad bad bad hay-fever all the time.

This damn spell check on this thing.  I look at words and to me they seem wrong.  I am not an *Oxford* dictionary but...I am also not *how to spell 101 for dummys* type of gal.  I used to be an awesome speller at school (don't ask how I got that right) but this damn spell check has me all wrong.  At least its not a GPS that keeps telling me to Listen....next time listen...

Aaaah well modern technology.  Who knows I might even go blackberry one day... Imagine that!!!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Be damned

I know I have been terrible with the blogging but hey, believe it or not ....I WORK ok.... well, ya I do.....

I am going to the Italian club tonight with some friends.  This can be rather entertaining I'd say. Last week it was a Frenchie,... who knows maybe I go Italian this week.  Aye man I lika da Guidos man!!!  Still have those lovely smelling condoms and still living in hope.  Bwhahahaha.  No wait I must stop that shit I tell ya.

Anyway, Sasha has now told us that she is moving to JHB.  Its official.  We all have to let go of those damn apron strings we have attached to her.  Its going to be difficult but she will be a mere phone call away.  We all just have to keep saying that to ourselves to make it easier.  Ya right... Come the day she leaves there will be a shit load of Capetonians sobbing their hearts out.  I recon we should get twin saver tissues to give us a good offer on tissues as they will be making a lot of money on that.  Do not know how Annie is going to cope. Mind you Anne, I have Xanax, and it does help you know..

Oooooh Mr, you better take care of her like she deserves.  I know you know that but just had to say it before you get your jocks in a knot ok.  You do know that every argument you have with her, you will be having with all of us right...LOL..omg you dont have to run yet Clinty.... Just dont break her heart my love that is all we can ask..

Gosh, when I think about not having doing the Blog I remember that I have been exercising.. Wait, let me rephrase that, I have been cycling dammit.  Ok so its not long distance, in fact its about 900m maybe a bit more, but hey, thats 900m more than I have ever done so put that in yer pipe and smoke it.  I even had breakfast today.  Forgot the fruit though for 10-00 snack.  Oh well. No no its not that I am TOO exhausted due to the cycle its just....who knows, it just happened.

We have such a blast watching Come Dine with me SA.  There are now 6 of us and we have decided that every Wednesday night, its gonna be pot luck.  We each have to make a pot of food, and no one knows what the other one is cooking.  I am so excited, cos I want to know who is going to eat what I cook.  THAT in itself will be entertaining.... Mind you, my fried egg this morning was not too black at the bottom so there is a chance that its improving.  As long as all the people on Wednesday evening realise that black is my favourite colour when it comes to food.  Oh wait, thats cos I yabba yabba too much and forget to watch the stove.... I think I need a stove that knows when food is cooked and switches itself off.  LOL.. imagine that.  Maybe I should start a Reality show and show people how NOT to cook... cos the way I cook hurts.  I ALWAYS burn dammit..

Ok so I gotta go cos I do have work to do you know .....tsk tsk. But dont forget,... if you know someone that knows someone that does lapband.... LOL  I am there ok sooo damn there....

Enjoy your weekend and for heavens sake, dont say be good, that is simply too damn boring.  Go mad, do something you dont normally do.  Look at me,... I hardly have hair...Oh wait..lets NOT go there...LOL..


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stilettos and Killarney

Well now well well well, what a day.  First we had to go to a Breast Cancer Awareness function that Sasha had organised.  I tell you, I cannot help but be impressed by that girl.  She did an awesome job and of course reduced us to tears cos we are all so damn proud of her.  After sitting on a pink coffin and smoking, it was time to go to Killarney where Aran was having a tough day.  He had to do qualifying and them him and Nicolas had to dash away to go to their Grans cremation service and then come back and race.  Aran placed 3rd both races and he even got rider of the day.... You go my boy.  The problem as we all know is Killarney is Vodka day for me.  Yes yes people, stop moaning ... its once a month that I drink for heavens sake.  Uhm I dunno how to say this actually.  You see there is a problem now as there is caramel vodka and chocolate vodka and then there is Rhiannon vodka.  Ya the last one is lethal cos she loves the shots the most.  Her and hubby Gareth had no qualms is contributing to my inebriated state.  Hell no we were calling for shooters and well, as you can just imagine, my legs start to move.  I think I am like that penguin  *happy feet*..  Shit I can shovel with the rest of you like no ones business man.  I drink, I got the dancing shoes on.... No falling.. that is a no no.  Its not like its something I want to do....it kinda happens but it hasnt for a very long time.

After Killarney, we went to celebrate Gareths' birthday.  Ok so it wasn't up to what other people call a party but really.... drink alot of Vodka and you think you ARE the party. ... Went to collect some wine at my house.... (REALLY.????.. WINE AFTER ALL THAT VODKA!!!!)  (oh please show me an intellegent drunk ok and I will show you a long tit).. anyhow, we went to party with the music blaring and Rhiannon and Gareth taking turns to dance.... ya I THINK she even did the running man...or did he?  NOT to sure.

Here comes the problem.  Those Vases we were drinking out of should not have been so big.  After a while I felt really ill, as in I wanna puke.  I asked Rhiannon to please get me a bucket, (after all I want to be an elegant drunk and puke in a ladylike manner)....I tell you what....it was the most disappointing puke of my life. 4 slap chips is what came out.... 4 fucken slap chips.  Now I ask you with tears in my eyes.... what the hell happened.... I was hoping against all hope that I would get the stomach bug and do the projectile thing but nooooooo..... 4 fucken chips.  Then Rhiannon, who really doesn't know me THAT well just goes down on me!!!! I mean she snuck off to go and pass out and leave me with poor Gareth..  My word. Ok so it was not the bug....., I did puke elegantly.  I walked up straight, went home, slept, drank 2 litres of Cream Soda (green ambulance) went out for dinner and finally 2 days later, I feel better.

Friday, 21 October 2011

poor victims

I do have a sensitivity chip.  When I am upset, you see that I am upset.  When I am happy, you see that I am happy.  Its blatantly obvious to everyone how I am feeling..  I do not walk around like the cat that got the cream and smile all the time, meanwhile feeling bitter towards people or anything .  No that is not me.  My pretentious world ends when my mouth opens or shall I say my eyes open.  You know there are the walking dead amongst us right.  They see, they feel, they eat, they walk however its like they are under a spell..... Stupidly so.  I always ask the questions... Is there 1 devil and 20 angels or is there 1 angel and 20 devils.  Unfortunately it would be more fun if it was the latter, but its not.  Reality does not work that way.  The reason I am saying this is cos I learnt this lesson the hard way.  The very hard way recently.   Have a good read below and you will see the lesson I am trying to teach....LOL

I dont know if you recall the cat Ryk Neetling (the sexi cat,  well ok dammit, I called him the sexi cat cos in cat terms he was hot you know) that had made my lil Poncho pregnant.  Anyhow, the kittens are too damn gorgeous for words.  Ryk Neetling however, has turned out to be Hulk the fucken Horror. (see how feelings change quick!) This damn cat was fighting with Ciska going flippen bos in the garden... and I recon we have ALL heard cats fighting.   I ran and banged on the glass to stop it.  Hulk the fucken Horror lobs off and heads towards the pool.  Unbeknown to Hulk or anyone else for that matter, my innocent lil Poncho was sitting on the pool wall.  As Hulk runs, I hear *plomp* and another *plomp*.  I burst out laughing cos I saw Hulk running with his arse wet and his tail wet.  Ok so it was dark and I did not see Poncho.  Well, I look down..... and here is this pathetic bedraggled lil cat of mine, wet from head to toe.  It stood at the glass sliding door with a glazed look in its eye...with the words WTF clearly visible in the eyeballs.  Ya so Hulk the fucken horror ran poncho off her feet, dumped her in the pool, couldn't stop himself, got his arse in there too and then ran away like the bloody moffie he is.  And then.....late last night....after aaaaaall of this fiasco, the lil shit comes and tries to woo Poncho again!!!  HELL TO THE NO!!! OVER MY DEAD BODY.... MY poor lil Poncho was a victim and now he wants to woo her...... typical male...SO going back to the top....I loved Ryk Neetling initially when I thought he was sexi  (oooh how long ago that seems) I was happily laughing when Hulk fell in the pool and then bitterly disappointed when I saw my lil poncho was in there too.....*what a life we lead*.....

And yes....Poncho is my child!!!! Talking about children.... My son Aran is racing Superbikes this weekend again at Killarney.  Good luck son.  Will only be there later as I am off to a Breast Cancer benefit breakfast that Sasha had put together,  and then will be at the track after 12-00 to support you my boy.  Your fans will be there son....we will be there...

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Lets hope mine will too

Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend and more

What a move on Friday.  Everything was done.  Everything is moved out properly, boxed stored etc etc.  No fear of anything lost or sold...Not stolen sold ok....Some things have to go... and when we went to visit her what a fabulous visit it was.  My friend is looking better than I have seen her in a good couple of years.  Looking stunning.  She is so happy and upbeat and her faith has returned and her glow has returned.  What really made me happy however was that she said I can get rid of the loser.  The poser.  The user.  The import.  So ring ring home affairs ring ring....As for the women that he is living with, that informed me that she is a Christian.  my friend, I dont know how to tell you this but Christianity is NOT hiding or sticking up for an import that hits women, abuses women and YOU the Chrisitan knows this but prefer to cover his arse, instead of the one that needs it.  Truly, to you Jenny I have to say....you suck, DONT pretend to be something you are not.  Call a spade a spade and then maybe I will have respect for you....right now you are lower than shark shit...Live with it in your dream world.

We all truly had a fabulous laugh with our friend on Saturday.  We were sitting chatting and she called all the girls that are at rehab with her and said  *by the way girls .....this is Debbie*  I thought to myself,...how nice is my friend obviously saying good things about me etc etc... She then tells us to wait as she has to go and fetch something. ....Wait...I am  going about this the wrong way..  When my friend went into rehab we had a long list of supplies.  One of the items she needed was a bible.  This was not a problem as the merry thieving domestic Maria, who seemed to be a Christian had many many bibles.  In fact there was a bible with my sister Shelleys name in it.  (Obviously she appropriated THAT out of my house....oh well)  I then packed the bible for my friend.  When she got to bible studies at rehab and hauled it out...it said THESAURUS dictionary on the side.  Needless to say, the guy doing the bible studies with them at rehab asked if she was boasting about how intellegent she was.  So I sent her with the wrong book but be that as it may, she is now using that to teach the girls a new word every day..  A huge *UP* to you my friend.

The worst part was telling someone that we had moved them lock stock and smoking barrel.  We did however emphasize that she might not have a home but she will always have a roof over her head.  I know she will have time to think about it and realize what we have done is right... Even if we build her a shack.  I mean hey its SA if you dont have a shack with Dstv and a 4x4 then you aint in SA yet.... Come now....

Sasha was as sick as a dog with the tummy bug.  Now I am truly pissed about this.  Last week or the week before Shane and her WHOLE family had it.. I truly hugged and kissed each and every one of em in the hopes.  (I ALWAYS live in hope) of getting it.  I made Sasha rush to my house yesterday, so that I could hug her and kiss her.  Its another day....just another day ... and another attempt...just another attempt to get the bug.  What the Fuck?????   Oh wait.. the Rattex Queen had a suggestion....GO on diet.!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! I think I need to take her for an eye test.  I have been trying but has she NOT seen or been at home to see what some people bring there..  I mean P-U-L-E-A-S-E......And NO I am not a glutton ask those around me... I am just...tired... very tired lately.... Shit, I need to exercise and was going to cycle to work today but when I got to the bicycle there was a problem....Uhm, I think the brakes are stuck on the bike.  I know it was fine but will ask Aran if he can come and fix it for me....I need the exercise...

Oh Gawd, its Monday, I have to finish the VAT.....pffffffffft.   damn I need to work.  After all I get paid to do it....

So ..... just asking if anyone out there knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that does lapband....JUST ASKING.....

Have a flippen fabulous day further folks...I have more to say but as you can see its all jumbled today... Hmmm maybe this is my interpretation of a worded jigsaw puzzle.

Friday, 14 October 2011

the difference between loving someone and being in love

Here is the situation.....  A boy made me very upset not so long ago.  Ok... so he might  have an excuse here or there alright but...he is not fogiven ALL the way, HOWEVER, and here it is.  I think the dude is in love with my friend and he needs to realize it.  Do I send him the memo?  I mean really.  They suit each other, they are in love although they both try and stay away from that, but the fact remains..... its there. They DONT JUST love each other, they are IN LOVE.  If you see them together you cant imagine them apart.  If you see them apart.... you wonder why the other one is not there. THATS what pissed me off the most.  Arg this is getting complicated and its not actually.  Its simple.  Woo her properly and make up ok.  Do it already, the suspense is killing me dammit!!!! I know someone that makes the most beautiful engagement rings.....truly... Its my ex...

Now to some other things happening.  OMG.  The big move without the mama is happening today.  Tomorrow we tell her. It will be ok though, cos she is one strong woman.  Oh you know that bullshit they feed a person when they say..*you are one of the strongest women I know* arg... poppykak man, you are just a strong woman period.  All women are strong.  Besides the one man that gave brith I dont think any man would take on that task.  Moffies the lot of em if you ask me....LOL....Ok geez boys dont go wild on my arse now cos I said that.... I have gay friends and I fucken LOVE em loads ok.  In fact my Peter thought he had divorced me but bugger him.  I    R-E-F-E-U-S-E  to let go of his apron strings.  He spoke to me the other day.  I can tell you this for nothing. I was one happy puppy.  Shit ....it doesnt take much to make me happy does it....LOL

Long drive tomorrow but I am sure its gonna be fun.  I did give her fair warning though that I look vastly different from the last time she had seen me.  Ya, shit....I nearly have no hair.  Lobbed the whole damn lot off now it stands up like an old TV aerial.  You know....a piece to the left and a piece to the right.  In the shape of a V ontop of my face...... hmmmm. methinks I should cut the Dstv and be the walking TV for my mother.

Speaking of.....I need to see if we can get Sasha to do Come dine with me SA.  I recon she will clean house there properly.  She cooked last night and you know what...it was awesome.  She wont allow me in the kitchen but then it could be cos I interfere and then the food comes out different.  I need cooking lessons along with someone that knows someone that knows someone that could do a  lapband procedure.  HELL YEAH!!!!

Tyron came over last night to take a sample of the pool water.  Its got to be clear and sparkly as summer is nearly here and I seriously need a tan.  Brown fat...white fat...you know that stuff right.... Anyway, he is going to assist me in cleaning the pool.  I hate the recession as I no longer have Prince as a poolboy.  Life sucks I tell ya.  Oh yes and Bones is suppose to do the lawn.... All these hard working men *sigh*   Gotta love them.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Baby Jeeps and Big Cockroaches

Holy smokes, I recon we need to move to a place where one doesnt get these flippen huge cockroaches.  I think what happened is some JHB random or better known as a *burger*  brought one of their park town prawns on holiday without realising it, and this thing got horny and shagged our little roaches we used to have in CT.  Or else its someone from Durban that brought one of their goggas here. Either way Johannesburg or Durban, someone brought some horny large pestilence from their hometown  I jest not. These cockroaches FLY my friend... they fly ooohhh how they fly.  I am scared of the damn thing man.  Bianca was screaming like a bitch not so long ago cos this thing flew into my room like a bat outa hell.... If I did not duck it would have flown into me.  Then I started screaming.  Its got no control over its flying skills.  Or else it does it on purpose.  It doesnt just stop dammit. and judging by the size, given a couple of years these things are gonna start eating us man. Right now though they are aiming to keep us under control.....

Last night, after we put the light out, Sasha and I fell asleep and you know when you lay on your arm it gets pins and needles.  I had what I THOUGHT was pins and needles.  HOWEVER I could NOT understand why I had pins and needles on the top of my hand only.  I moved my hand to turn on the bedside light and well... the pins and needles left my hand.  When the light went on there was this huge mother of  roach right there.  Well now,  that we did not scream was a miracle.  I threw the pillow, and of course the roach was happy cos it didnt have to fly.  The thing probably thought it was on Zim Airways or something.  I jumped out of bed and killed it... It splatters alot ok...A LOT!!!....It is difficult to fall asleep after such a traumatic experience.  I am surprised that I did not grab the Xanax....

Then Shelley arrives this morning and she tells us that she had a dream that her Jeep had shrunk.  She was pretty upset cos it shrunk to the size of those cars that kids ride.  What pissed her off the most was that the lights were so damn low.  I dont know why its a problem for her though, cos she is pretty damn short and that would be abour the right size vehicle for her to drive.  I dunno I think being short is now affecting her mind.

Talking about minds.  wait for this.  The Rattex Queen aka G-ran aka Mom etc etc, tried to call her friend Naziek yesterday.  Sasha was sitting watching her.  She picks up and dials Nazieks number, puts the instrument to her ear, waits and then pronounces to Sasha that the phone is dead again.  Once she looked at the *phone* she realised it was actually the remote control for the TV.  Aaaah at least she laughs with us when we laugh.  Sasha was rolling on the floor she was laughing so damn much.  G-ran I recon must have been a close second.

Shit.....I gotta do the VAT...

Monday, 10 October 2011

Oh help me ...

Just dropped in to say.... THERE IS NO WAY on Gods green earth I am going to be able to blog today due to a hangover.  Eeeeuw its horrible.  

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Do I or dont I

Uhm hello after a couple of 3year old brandys I DOUBT whether I should send a drunk blog.... so excuse the errors ok.  I am going backwards and forwards to correct it but soon my eyes will go small and well, then its gonna be bad.  I have just come home from a braai at Bones house to say goodbye to Rob the camel man.  Unfortunately Bones started gving me brandy and well....the rest is history.   Think about this shit...I had a friend put in rehab due to alcohol and here I am doing what people do when there is a braai going and the booze is flowing..  Weak I know but ..... I have an excuse (dont we all acutally)... wait let me light a ciggy (another STERLING HABIT) before I resume.  Right, ciggy lit here we go.

NO DRAMA and it was weekend.  What is happening people..... Kidding...Hnag on ....gonna get an ashtray....Oh and change channels for a friend parking off in the lounge....It has NOT been drama free at all.  You see, I get calls and sms from various people with regard to a hectic situation.  There are a couple of us involved in all of this with regard to sorting out problems for a very close friend.  You then get obnoxious people that have mean and nasty things to say with regard to that person and well it actually pisses us all off.  If you have nothing to say that you have no facts about then dont open your weak mouth cos people in glass houses should not throw stones.  My advice to all....if you say something to say have someone to back you up on what you are saying or shut the fuck up....or wear a pink flower in your hair cos it makes you look hot....

Oh I had my hair lobbed off....real short due to bleach and a bad hairdresser.  OMG I think I look like a man but apparently not... however, I think they say that cos they are pretty scared that I have not taken my Xanax and will go off and moer them or something....who knows....

Well as a pissed individual, I dont know how I am gonna feel reading this blog tomorrow.  I might even answer myself and say what the hell...doubt it....

Sasha or Trevor better make me that coffee now...or else........ love ya all and sleep welll

Friday, 7 October 2011

Pussy galore

Oh my word, my lil Princess Poncho and 3 beautiful kittens....and YES YES YES the Ryk Neethling of cats is the kittens daddy.. Gotta say I am absolutely pleased beyond belief because of that.  At least now I know they will be gorgeous cats.  So now, with Ciska, Ponco, Ryk Neethling (although he is only hanging around outside) and the 3 cute lil kittens I have a full house.  I need to take time out to negotiate with Ryk about his paternal duties and of course find out whether he will be supporting his offspring.  You know, even in the animal world we have problems with the men.  I think women should change..... I think we should all (women that is) carry a club, if you see a nice man, lob him over the head with it, drag the bastard home, and well, use him proper.  Make sure he goes to work and supports the family, and when he comes home he must be ready to have a conversation with you about what YOU want to discuss....OMG..I doubt THAT is ever gonna happen...

The weekend is upon us and I have a splitting headache.  Have had it for 3 days.  It has a name but I dont want to say it here..LOL.... With regard to rehab, we have to sort so many things out that we know we deal with on a monthly basis but doing it for someone else is tough.  Its very very tough making decisions for a friend and just hoping and praying you are making the right decision.  Do I feel guilty about having her put away...YES. Should I feel guilty..probably NO.  I think she knows she was heading where she is now, at least this way it was taken out of her hands so in a way less embarrassing I suppose. I dunno... I just know that I dont feel so good... It had to be done however so then I know I did the right thing. I think this constant wrestling match I am having with myself in my head is causing all this headache.

So, I am going to a party on sat... A welcome back to SA party for Yvette and then on Sunday I am going to a farewell braai for Rob, my camel man.  A good bye handsome come back to SA soon party.  Gees all these comings and goings, imagine if wind pollination made a person pregnant....holy shit.....RUN EVERYONE RUN RUN RUN!!

Before I forget, I saw Trevor Westman and Aran van Niekerk (my son) on Supersport 2 on TV last night racing superbikes.  Was awesome and scary at the same time.  I only watch from the clubhouse balcony cos thats easy access to Vodka and to only see the back straight...... Having seen the races on TV,  I just wanna say these kids have balls of steel man... real balls of steel.. And now I know I can justify standing on the balcony.  I scream and scream and loose my voice when Aran races. I know he cant hear me but he sure as shit can see I am cheering em on......
Oh shit and Nicks thats Arans lil brother is racing his last race this season.  I am so hoping he is going to kick arse on Saturday.  GO Nicks go, its yours, its in the bag take it son!!!!  And show em who the champ is my love.  You can do it Nicks,... You can do it...

Oh gosh all this bike talk and I have not even mentioned my diet...WTF is that....and the most important thing...My nails.  One broke, real bad, short short break and so I got so angry and bit the rest off.  I now have no flippen nails... grrrrrrrrr  Short hair, short nails. bugger the diet..... whats happening to me, am I becoming a manic depressive...Oh hell no... I will put on stilettos and move forward.  You will see, its always nice to see Barbie all dressed up...LOL

Have a good weekend people and see ya all on Monday  xoxo

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Debbie does ...: Impending Grannyhood

Debbie does ...: Impending Grannyhood: Oh my word, my lil Princess Poncho is so far pregnant and I think she is about to have her kittens. She woke me up in the middle of the nig...

Impending Grannyhood

Oh my word, my lil Princess Poncho is so far pregnant and I think she is about to have her kittens.  She woke me up in the middle of the night just to hold her.  To tell you that I shat myself is an understatement cos I am no vet.  Anyway, I think the daddy cat (hereinafter referred to as Ryk Neetling of cats, cos he is one hot cat), should take his responsibility more seriously than just sitting outside the window serenading my lil Poncho.  I know he is love cos he has moved into my garden, dug up the flowers and made it his spot.  He watches that garden so ferociously that poor Ciska cant even go outside to wee cos he moers her.  However Poncho reigns supreme in Ryks eyes cos she can go wherever she wants.  She is dissing him badly at the moment and I feel really bad for him cos he is the baby kittens daddy.  (Well at least I hope so).  I wonder if he is going to do the parental thing well and support Poncho and the kittens?  You know, like pay maintenance.  Thank heavens they dont do nappies and crap like that.

After my lil Poncho woke me up I realised then that when she has her kittens she intends for the granny (thats me) to be there and assist.  I dont know how this is going to work unless I have a barf bucket... As for her thinking she is having it on the luxury of my bed. .......she has some bad news coming her way.  I know I should have sympathy but bugger that man... its MY bed.!!!  Not utelized to its full potential I can assure you, but nonetheless still MINE.....

I wonder if I can trace Ryks family and find out if they are gonna pay labola.  Hell I am all up for my cat to get married I tell ya.  Poncho is a small cat, not a kitten a cat, but I wish you could get minature cats like you do dogs.  Like a chihuahua but in cat terminology.  We can then name the breed a catten...Hmmm thats a bit lame but I will be thinking about it....

For now though, before I become a gran, I just need to do some work... Arg this old age I tell ya.  Oh.... and about the diet....forgetabootit..... thats down the toilet......so, anyone know anyone that knows anyone that can do some lapband on me....

Monday, 3 October 2011

Arseholes and airheads

Well well well....what a lesson we all got on Saturday at Killarney.  We got ears put on us properly by a man/doos whose head is so big it wont even fit up his own arse.  It would feel like giving birth to triplets no wait...quadruplets.  To tell you that we were all shocked, disappointed, and disgusted does not even cover the basis.  I have never ever in my life seen a man/doos so flagrantly display disdain for other people. That someone could care so little and display such tardy behaviour was appauling.  There is however a very happy ending to all of this.  The best thing that could have happened to him walked away from him with dignity.  He will realise sooner rather than later but its too late already.  I dont even think he realises that he shot himself in the foot, cos all the support he had, and trust me there was a lot...is gone.  Even support from Johannesburg was forthcoming.  The fact that 100% of the people I know now call him an arsehole is exactly what it is...Methinks the wheel turns rather quick in some instances.  I just hope his penis does not fall off.....

Anyhow, for the rest of it.  Dont even let me get going on another idiot.  I think I should just learn to shutup about him  I mean really.  What is wrong with the men of today.  Creepy fuckers, hitting on young girls, old girls, women without teeth, whatever... Is it just so that you dont suffer from penis envy from the guy standing next to you.  What the hell is wrong with you people.  Guys trying to slip out with someone and think no one noticed.  Hmmm yes dear...we did.

Watching Aran race is absolutely amazing.  I can honestly say that was the best thing all day as it normally is when he races.  He did really well considering its his first National race. They boykie came 6th not to shabby I say.  I can truly tell you all that I am really a very very proud parent.  And I have every right to be.

A whore/ho/hooker, then gets drunk beyond belief, and well, acts like a hooker (what can I say) and hits someone in the ladies.  And that AFTER she had  a right go at someone outside on the balcony.  She then attacks another individual who has more class in her little finger than the ho has in her used vagina or her whole body for that matter.  She had to be removed from the club house...YAY I mean we had people from all over SA coming to race and we have the random hooker showing who she is....pffffft.......I think someone needs to tell her that when she is drunk she should not speak so loud in the ladies as well.... all her conversations are heard.... sloppy dear, very very sloppy.... Now go and wash the vagina and learn to play nice with people....

Friday, 30 September 2011

Taking Control

Hmmmmm you know that things are a bit fucked up, when your boss takes his money and then tells you that you cant take yer full salary cos uhm, debit orders has to be fullfilled...bwhahha NO LIES...I SHIT you not I am laughing about this... I really am and for some reason NOT stresses at all.

My blog today is about taking care of a situation.  My friend is in rehab.  Her fucked up import of  a boyfriend is trying to get hold of her.  He cant cos nobody knows where she is.  His only contact is with me.  And alas, he thinks I am the most evil person on this earth.  Good for him cos I am as far as he is concerned.  I have now called the woman that he lives with and informed her that he must pay over all the money he owes my friend or else he will be deported.  Shame, she had sympathy for him.  Seems like my sensitivity chip got a bit lost yesterday.  No wait... it got lost when the maid stole from me hmmmm.  still not a hard arse except when it comes to certain situations.

After having a business and realising that your life is filled with egotistical, self indulging individuals, you become aware of who really matters and why they matter.  When people say horrible things about other people and lie about other people they must realise that the wheel does turn.  So to those bullshitters speaking shit about people you call friends.  its ok they will find out...Whatever happened to good gossip.  You know you and your friend sits and gossips... wait wait wait..its not gossip its not scandal its a gossandal...where you all laugh and the next day its all over... whatever happened to that shit... gees.

Its weekend and Aran is racing superbikes. He is racing Nationals this weekend..eeeek...I will be there boots and all for mommy support.. yes please....xoxo  Love ya all and chat soon

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What the F.....

Oh my gosh.....5 weeks maybe more... holy crap.. thats when last I was on diet.  Or when I exercised for that matter.  Shit a brick... I dunno eh....this diet shit has to stop.  I want to loose the weight right.  I NEED to loose the weight but .....I have Shane as a neighbour and what a neighbour she is.  At night she brings me a treat..OMG... I just enjoy the treats so much, but its not helping with my thighs for heavens sake.  Those damn thighs love each other so much that I think they are scared of seperation anxiety and therefore wanna stick together.   : - ( ....... My mind however feels that they need to have a seperation.  A proper break up.  *You ...lefty, fuck off.... leave the right alone*  kinda thing. I think it will be best for them.  You know, its when you see a relationship and you KNOW its not a good one... well thats my left and right thigh I tell ya....  I think perhaps NEXT week I shall be back on my bicycle.  Oh hell... I feel the pain already.

Ok so now to the good stuff.  Aran is racing a 1000cc in the Nationals at Killarney this weekend.  By now, those who know me know its Vodka time.  This time however I think its gonna be more rather than less and I really would prefer it the other way. Vodka also entails caramel vodka, chocolate vodka, -  I have to say this cos I KNOW Megan is going to say...NO SHOTS Debbie.. I DONT DO shots... YEP.... I dont either but....its race day and its VODKA day...

 It will be nice to see Clinty again.  His absence has been noted and I truly hope that  Sasha whips his arse in shape.  LOL...I dont think he is gonna like me saying that.  Oh well its my blog page....hehehehehe....

Gee, after Aran not racing superbikes since November last year, he has to go bigger and get the 1000cc this year.  Yeah, dont freak your mom out son, she is crazy enough ok.... Nah he is pretty damn good on a fast bike if I have to say so myself.  Go big or go home son and I know you go big.  BIG.....did I say THAT word.  oh hell noooooooooooo not again...my diet shit shit shit.....what is a woman suppose to do ....LOL


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

An awesome Wedding

Have you ever argued with a tomtom and won?  Well, Trinity and I did.  The damn thing kept telling us where to go and I was determined it was taking us to the wrong place.  We did listen to it though and it did take us to a wine estate called Nooitgedaght but alas.... it was an estate in bloody Wellington.  Now I ask you with tears in my navy blue eyes...Is Stellenbosch THAT close to Wellington...Uhm NO....I think Warwick wanted to get rid of Trinity and myself... Damn him.  We made it to the wedding though albeit very very late.  I left my home at 2.30pm in Table View to go and collect Trinty and have directions on the tomtom to get to the wedding my 4.00pm.  HELL NO...THAT was a mere dream on our behalf.  We finally got to the wedding at 5.15pm.  Hmmmm I could have driven all the way up the west coast.  However, we did have a very very scenic route.  Whatever.....LOL

The bride looked beautiful... absolutely beautiful, although having said that its impossible for her to NOT look beautiful.. The groom was dashing too.  I think perhaps the guys are hotter in Pohmie land.

The venue and the food and the company and everything was just perfect. Trinity and myself found us some nice Pohms who were absolutely awesome.  We had so much fun with these useless fellas it was fabulous.  They could not dance cos well..... they were pohms, they could not see us dance...obviously cos they were pohms .... but hell were they fantastic company..  I had a hoot with these boys I tell ya.. And let me just tell you... they were B E A U T I F U L..... what eye candy!!!  *sigh*.... I should have taken my lil hottie Sasha with me too.... hell yea  ....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Thieving bitch

I had to have my maid locked up.   I cannot believe that one can steal from the hand that feeds you, and then have the fucken gall to say to the police, they planted the evidence there.  and stuff like  *You have always hated me Debbie*....IF YOU CAN LIE, YOU CAN STEAL you bitch, so listen up sister, I wanna know what shit you smoking.  You stole the fucken stuff out of my house, and out of the neighbours house, now accept what is going to happen.  Oh and the best is when she decided to tell the police that my mother tells her to fuck off all the time....OMG...have you EVER heard of anything that stupid..  The fact that people still mistake kindness for weakness flabergasts me beyond belief.  I am getting tired of some other people, and they must keep pushing.  I have a history of tolerance till I say...* no more*.....

Went to the army open day.  Ok you KNOW there is a problem when the army is scared of the army.  Yeah, they did loads of displays and it was nice and the bikes were the best.  But when the bikes were meant to jump over some of the army guys, they lay down infront of the ramp and as soon as the bike headed towards the ramp, we saw arms and legs and ....they ran away...True story.  

Shit, I am going to Telkom today and I am going to be nice and polite.  My mother needs her phone on at home and now has to reapply for one.  Hmmmmm lets not even go there.. Other than that the weekend was fabulous.

Wait, I have discovered that I need help.  I need some surgery.  NO not a lobotomy but lapband or gastric bypass.  If anyone knows anyone that knows anyone...I am there like a bear with my legs in the air....

Friday, 16 September 2011

Untravelled path

You know, to walk in our own shoes is rather difficult cos life is tough, but to walk in someone elses shoes makes a person so grateful for what they have.

Went on a road trip with my mother, Megs and one other.  What a day.  Every kilometer took us a kilometer closer to seeing her again.  The real her.  To know that this day has come and that she accepted it and was happy about it is the most incredible thing that has happened in the last year.  I will say its been amazing.  Shelley was just a bit worried there for a second.  Sent me an sms to remind me to bring my mother home and not forget her there....Everyone has shed tears but its all tears of happiness.  OMG even Andrew contributed to this.  I ran outside to see if it was snowing this morning.  But noooo... cos this is gonna change our weather somehow.

Well I am off to the army camp tomorrow.  Going to go and say goodbye to my cousin who is off to another country as a *peace keeper*.  Our army going to other countries to keep peace while their own backyard is filthy. I would rather let the army assist the police and curb crime for heavens sake. The more I think about it the more I KNOW I should be a politician.  Damn this bullshit....  Hmmmm the crime should suite the punishment.  Yeeeeee....

Ok enough of that crap.  Right now I just want EVERYONE to know that I am truly thankful and privileged for knowing them as they have all offered to assist and help.  Shows you hey, the world is made of good people.....

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little girls

I was actually going to write something here about a little girl trying to wear big girl panties, and when she gets bust she denies her words.  Oh well, I realized once I started writing that she is not worth it, so moving on.

We had such a blast with Charlie the male stripper on Saturday night.  Man oh man, that dude is built to last for a lifetime.  I think we all need one of those.  Lee had a fabulous time at her bachelorette  (although I doubt she remembers much)...LOL....Her bridesmaid Linky got her so on her plonker, that the girls were falling over like skittles.... 10 pin bowling anyone....LOL...It wasnt that bad, it was fun...

Trying to change a brunette into a blonde is bloody difficult.  This cow is not playing nice.  I keep saying....just go blonde but nooooo they always know better....*sigh*...I think once people listen to me, the world will be a better place.  It will be positive and happy and the odd bullshitter to make us laugh at them obviously, but mostly it would be a good place.

Yeah, I think I should approach the DA and tell them I want to be President of the Western Cape.....I will make it a country by itself and leave the rest of SA to SA.  That way, we can all be positive that everyone will stand a fair chance at whatever they do.  Oh hell yes, maybe thats my goal in life....hmmmm dont let me go there sista....LOL

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tough Love

Holy Toledo, that is a difficult road to walk.  I have just had a wonderful person incarcerated for her own good.  She knew it had to happen but when it came to crunch time, the bloody cow refused medical attention.  Oh hell no she di int!! Needless to say, I have more tenacity than she could ever have imagined, and was absolutely amazed at a phone call I received from her  this morning thanking me. I felt on top of  the world then I realized...no dear, it was not me... it was YOU...and Megan and other friends but mostly YOU.  Thank you God for giving everyone the strength to do this.  I was torn yesterday as this is something we have wanted to do to her for a very long time, but could never get it right.  If only she knew how many people shed tears to hear that she is going to get better.  I dont think she realizes how much she is loved.  Silly cow...But its ok, we all know she will come out the victor in this.

It was such an emotional day yesterday and writing this just brings it back. Wait let me rather get upset and think about the fact that I am tired and only got home at 2.55.  LOL  Arg its ok..... Its done and we feel great about it.  We feel bloody fantastic man not just great.

Now all we need to do is have a fund raiser.  Any good ideas out there???

Friday, 9 September 2011

Debbie does ...: Is Madness contageious?

Debbie does ...: Is Madness contageious?: I am quite stressed out. I think I need to take a Xanax before I start this bloody blog today. Here is the thing,... a breakup is never n...

Is Madness contageious?

I am quite stressed out.  I think I need to take a Xanax before I start this bloody blog today.  Here is the thing,...  a breakup is never nice.  you can never JUST be friends right away.  It does NOT work...never has and never will. Being friends after a while, (ONCE THE HURT IS GONE) does work.

However, you can always keep tabs on how crazy you go after the breakup right.  Well that's what my interpretation, and I am sticking to it.  I am now truly worried about my crazy friend going all nutty again.  I hate the fact that there is so much drama over this.  I hate the fact that families are now involved.  FFS.... what life did I live???? Thank God our youth and twenties were different....Come on, come on, I feel like I am going mad over this.  I cannot issue storm warnings to all.... certainly not all of the time....

Aaaah Rob my camel man came over and my mother cooked him dinner.  You gotta love the ole bat cos she made him....WAIT FOR IT...Curryless curry... yea I know you are going to wonder what the hell that is.  Well, let me tell you, I think she used food colouring to make it LOOK like curry when in fact it was just chicken whatever.  She said it was curry.... still waiting for a bit of a bite at least.  Its the next day and nothin is biting us....Oh well.

Its weekend and of course we have the party at my house tomorrow night.  Can not wait.  Cant say much about it till after, but I have to say I am truly excited and looking forward to it.

I am taking this kak purple nail polish off cos its not looking that good and of course going back to my red/orange.  I think I am going to Marilyn Monroe myself tomorrow.  OMG before I forget....I am going for the fish thing.  You know....where the fish eat your feet.  I know this is gonna be funny....without a doubt.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh hell....PMS

Shit shit shit, I just had to take my Xanax.  I just realized that if I go off pop and start fighting about Somalia and ignoring my friend Julius then there is a problem.  May God forgive me but I am getting annoyed cos everyone is feeling sorry for them.  Yes I too feel sorry for them but FFS can SOMEONE tell them that having a child pop out every nine months is NOT helping the situation.  Why can they NOT do something about sterilization?  why? why do people who work hard for their money now have to give it away to food aid.  Our fucken government cant even feed its own but YAY we are sending food aid to Somalia who well..... who has MILLIONS of flippen children.  Ok ok meds will kick in soon, I know it will.....you will feel the tone of this changing...LOL

Its like.....what do you call a woman that has PMS and ESP......A bitch that knows everything...LOL

I took Shane to school this  morning to sort out the problems she is having with the boy that is staying by her.  My advice was...LOCK HIM IN THE BOOT....lol...kidding ok... geeeez I am PMS not the fucken devil.  Mind you...no let me not go there.

Sasha should be out of hospital today and I doubt if I will be seeing her cos the weather is crappy.  However I need to catch up with my friend Kathy who had a brain tumour removed 2 weeks ago.  I just want to make sure my friend is ok.. I dont like it when my friends are ill or sad.  However, when they are crazy like Bee I  love it.  I just sit and watch...LOL....That is one hyped up puppy I tell ya.  You gotta love her though cos she does provide us with a lot of laugher...and coffee.... holy shit I dont think anyone drinks as much tea as our lil Bee so late at night and she doesnt even wet the bed!!! THAT I find fascinating....

Now let me tell ya all about our Camel man.  Gorgeous hunk of love that is so full of shit,  but full of shit or not, just to see him is a wow in our day.  As we are all well aware I am a pervert and perving over Rob is only a pleasure....He even smiles at me...I think he is a kinky lil fucker ...LOL  kidding..

Shitty weather, Xanax has kicked in, not in the mood to work but am in the mood to eat as I cannot do exercise in this kak weather. *sigh*.. so bugger the diet too... Bring on the bread...no wait....french toast.  ya now that sounds like a winner.....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A bit of a worry

So, our little Sasha is going in today to have her tonsils taken out.  I have sympathy for her.  And then of course my fathers brother whom we had never met and were going to meet yesterday also heard dreadful news and has to go into hospital to have the cancer taken out....oi vei... Would it not be fabulous if everybody was healthy and happy...oh no wait..that would just be bloody boring..  Lets just go with everyone having good health.  I would really like that..  Poor Bianca, she was still asking what was for supper and when she got home...guess what she got......a holler sounding like *Bianca, whats are you cooking for dinner?*** hehehehe..Poor girl, thought she was going to come home to a lovely home cooked meal.  I must say I did offer but no one really wants to eat my food.  I think they will if it was the end of the world and I was the only one left standing to cook...Aarg ok maybe even then they would say no.. Its NOT through lack of trying.  I am successful at times, few and far between but ya...I am successful..

Janet has gone back to Wales and since then has had a hellova problem getting her investment money paid to her.  What the hell?  They were so happy to take her money and now that she wants it back, there is always a problem...They are a pain in the arse.  Bugger Malema man, right now I am up for taking these people on.  tsk tsk.

OMG, do NOT even think that I am on diet or that I am physically fit.  I think honestly that Megan and I have to do this from next week Monday cos on Saturday night I have a party at my house which involves alot of ex strippers/dancers so yes...I am looking forward to catching up...Its gonna be good.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

WHAT the hell???

HOw the hell do I change this pic???

Cor Blimey ... life is great but Rumour is even better...

What an awesome Saturday we had at the racing.  Aran rode that 1000 like a demon.  He did really really well and his followers/fans (I am no 1) and spectators, were all sitting around a huge table drinking.  We were all there to support him.. Its fabulous when that happens.

Megan and myself as usual just laugh at all the shenanigans that goes on there.  Its not even worth it to respond or say anything but it is fascinating...this I have to admit.  Even if one keeps the mouth shut, someone will say that you said or did something...Its fucken awesome!!! On saturday, while sitting down, I tried to hook up 2 couples....just by me being there... Am loving this..I must be way better than I thought.  Anyway, whoever is making it up, thank you so much for giving me so much credit for something I know nothing about.  You ROCK you bloody gossip monger...I LOVE YOU....waaahahahhaa.  You may come and get my autograph later once I am done laughing.

Ooh oh our Atlantic beach gals came to party with us and it was fabulous seeing them again.  It was a pity that Sasha ran away and was gonna come back but never returned.  the damn cow...LOL...only kidding I absolutely adore that child....

Was going to meet my deceased fathers brother and his wife today that we had never met before.  Unfortunately there was bad news and now its not going to happen.  It might happen round about the 21st Sept.  We were all looking forward to it....dammit its sad.  We are all super excited to see him as he is the spitting image of my dad.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Are you nawty

Hello and here is the thing...I keep meeting these randoms on facebook and the most bizarre thing they ask me is....are you nawty..  Now as far as I know THAT word is spelt naughty.  I am assuming that they spell it incorrect on purpose or that it has another meaning.  Last time I was naughty I got a fucken hiding sunshine and it hurt like hell ok.  Nawty does NOT mean.... do you shag? Are you los?  Can I do you even though you dont know me? Can I do you even tho I am butt ugly? Noooo noooo nooooo you are wrong.. What the hell...that is NOT nawty you fucken perve...that just means you are horny thats all. SO my adivce to you, dont ask me stupid questions just say...I am horny and I shag anything that moves, that way its quick and painless for me to tell you to fuck off...get it..

Oh dear, my blind dates are getting less and less, must be my stunning personality...oh wait.....MUST be cos I am not nawty... WTF.... I dont wear a nappy, I dont need a spanking HOWEVER.....if you want one, I am all up for moering you ok...bring it on sunshine and lets see what happens when I beat yer arse till your nose bleeds honey....

Hmmm I seem a bit aggressive eh.  LOL I  am not.... Oh shit...and now the font on this thing just changed.  Oh give me strength today oh give me strength... 

I am going shopping after work for filters for my ciggies.  I smoke with long filters cos I wanna keep my lungs in a semi good condition.  I cant claim good on that one at all cos its skrewed already from smoking all those years but having taken care of it for the last couple I recon I am ok...

For now friends and foe, I need to do a bit of work as I think our customers are angry.. Wait let me not bullshit...they ARE angry.  Its like I made sure it was Eid yesterday therefore their work could not be done.  GO on then, keep on moaning cos I really dont give a shit....

I am really going shopping though... that will make me feel better...

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hell NO

Holy shit.  I KNEW I should have taken today off and had an Eid day.  I knew it.  I knew it.  I knew it. My nail is about to break and I am freaking out.  They are painted a  beautiful red/orange naturally and are so ready for the races on Saturday.  Ok, now my bloody nerves are starting to go as well... Shit a brick, Aran is racing a 1000cc on Saturday.  Roll on Killarney oh and obviously roll on Vodka.  I mean really.  They do go hand in hand when Aran is racing.

And a new one for the books.....I cooked last night...I made a quiche.... MY interpretation of a quiche at least.  It was fabulous.  And I made eisbein but someone got their grubby fucken paws on it and so I cant serve that for dinner tonight.  Dammit.  The quiche was fully loaded and so no one had of the eisbein and I figured that I could attempt doing some veggies with it for tonight and WHALA a meal but alas...its not to be.  Nothing is sacred in our house...

My cooking attempts are way way way outdoing my exercise attempts.  Yeah, I am trying to cook now in my later years but shit, when the diet comes....uhm ya...I am still eating what I must but but but I am also eating what I must not...eeeek.  Oh well, who gives a shit, I am having an awesome time.  I think my bicycle is a bit pissed off with me cos its not being used right now... I think I will abuse it next week again.  Megan and I were going to attempt doing the beach walk but bloody hell, blame it on the weather.  Next week for sure. Obviously we all have to take Janet and Steven to the airport and snot our eyes out cos she is leaving.

Oh Janet you are such an awesome person and we always miss you when you are not around.  Even Sasha says she is going to miss you... *sigh*.

Bugger that, back to my damn nail...grrrrrr. It wants to break so badly and I am trying to avoid that even more...

Monday, 29 August 2011

The weekend.....

Well now, I had to do my dear Chelsea's hair on Fri night.  Well with not enough product and me improvising I can only say...her hair was not a success...eeeek...Instead Megan and I drank and got rather ...well under the weather.  I realized in my boozed state that I was not actually a Roman Royal in my past life but a bloody cow.  I will not tell you how I came to that conclusion cos I know you will laugh your arse off at my conclusion.  I was depressed after the conclusion.  Nonetheless, it was a fabulous night which lead to Bianca going out and calling me at 4-00am saying she is bringing me something.  She brought me pizza and cream soda....just what the doctor ordered along with some company, who left after it had eaten.  That was about 5-00am in the morning when the droogies set in..eeeeuw...

On Saturday night, we were as usual gathered around the dining room table for our usual talk session..  DO rememeber this is a laugh a minute ok cos its very random.

On Sunday morning Janet reminds me to get up early and to get ready cos we were having a braai at our house from 12-00.  After her message, I got up, did my nails, did my hair, put on makeup and well, got done, so when they arrived there and said..but you had done nothing...I was confused... Wait a bit,,,,, she meant I had to get the braai ready NOT me...OH PLEASE, we know I had to get sorted....I mean really.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Hair days

Last night it was suppose to be Chelsea.  I was going to do her hair but as usual something always happens and then one cant do it.  Sasha is going to get the product today and then we will all sit and drink while I do Chelsea's hair.  Ya, I am going to be drinking while I do her hair.  Regardless if I drink too much while doing it I am quite sure she is going to look stunning when I am done with her.

 I recall doing Sams hair and OMG I forgot to tell her to take it off and when we looked again, there was smoke rising from her hair.  No lies. SMOKIN....that was when we had a bit of an oops moment.  No alcohol on that day though.  Just us women thinking we were hairdressers.   Nothing changes....I always believe I can do whatever I want but pffffffffffft sometimes it comes out good other times not so good.  Aah well.,... shit happens eh....

My damn ankle... I think I twisted the lil thing.  It is sore again but then again....it could be sore cos Megan and I are doing the beach walk on Monday again...I need to do it but dammit....I wish I could stop this.  I was on the way out when I felt a tweak in my ankle and then a shooting pain..Ooooh that sucks ok...

Its weekend, its wine time...Oh ya...having a braai on Sunday with my Welshie and her family and some friends.  It can only be good.  Not going to be drinking THAT much but will be wearing my *vlamboyante vere* in my hair.  That is all I need to look sexy right....LOL

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Who would have thought.... *sigh*  Dinner was a huge success.  Oh hell yes...NOTHING...I tell you NOTHING was burnt.  I even made the basmati rice myself...hell yes  *pats* own back.  Served spring rolls for starters (which were bought OBVIOUSLY).  I did however attempt to hide the packet and let them all believe that I had actually made the spring rolls.  I recon that was a bit too far fetched in my cooking vocab.. Unfortunately for me, they all knew that was bullshit from the start.  You win some you loose some right.

I then made Thai green curry and basmati rice for mains and for dessert I made a cheesecake and a (bought) milktart.  I shall slowly attempt to do these things.  My lil cheffie Sasha was not there to assist so I was left out high and dry but was glad I coped so well *sigh* what a blessing I am I tell ya....LOL

My ankle definitely is much better now.   That means Megan and I will be resuming our tri weekly walk on the beach.  It sounds nicer than it is ok.. Sometimes I think its a punishment but those are the days when I am grumpy over something.

As for the diet...BUGGER THAT......

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


So today I am going to cook for my Welsh family.   Cooking you say?  What the hell,... I CANT COOK.  I have been given fool proof recipes.. its a lie...it is not fool proof.  I proved that one properly.  I am going to get some assistance by Rob and by Sasha.  Sasha however, is not going to focus cos her Clinton is back in town and I can assure you my food is not first and foremost on that cows mind.  11 mouths to feed and I want to do the smart thing and make it a 3 course meal.  Dear Lord, Bless em all cos they are going to need it...

I really have no cooking clue as to what I must do.. Am throwing thoughts around but thats about it..THOUGHTS...  hmmmm ABOUT THAT.....LOL...only kidding...  The fact that the Camel Man is going to be helping me today  *sigh*  *sigh* is all I can say....

Still worried about Kathy although I know she is in good hands with the surgeon.

Fuckit...,I really really need to go back on diet and back to riding my bicycle. Aaarg whatever...next week ok..

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Troubled paradise

Our life is like a book.. Pity we don't know the bloody author so that we can read whats going to happen next.  Yesterday alone, 3 women, 3 similar problems.  Ok, ok wait...the one is an exception to the rule.  But 2 of the girls, same problem different place.  Whats up with men and their penis'.  I did not even manage to watch CSI last night as I had to rewind play rewind play rewind play oh and wait....loads of pauses.  A woman must always help another woman.  Lend an ear and just listen and boy oh boy do some of them talk a lot.  Yowzer!!!!

I am off to the airport to drop my JHB friend off after a 3 week visit.  I might haul my arse back to work, but you know its kinda cold out there so maybe I should go and lay in bed and just watch all my series that I have not managed too yet....

God Bless ya all and always try and remain positive and GOOD ok!!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fun fun fun

Saturday night with 7 other girls was abso-bloody-lutely awesome ok.  We went to a Morocco themed evening and I can assure you a blast was had by all.  In fact I got a prize for belly dancing thank you very much.  We also rock and rolled so hard, that I had to catch my breath after a song before I could walk off the dance floor.  I mean langarm???Hell yea...all of it I tell ya.  The food was awesome so was the red wine..LOLOL... Yea that was the tipple for the night.  Needless to say, I was not seeing very clearly...I have to stop sending sms on my cell late at night..  It reads funny.  I know what I am saying but phewwie...I dont think the people on the other side know what I am saying.  They have to get with my red wine program and I am sure they will understand.  Its the decyphering which is a problem for them.

Diet............uhm whats that word?  LOLOL  fuck that...am pulling myself towards myself and aiming to start again.  I know I can...I know I will....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Oh boy

It was definitely a full house yesterday except Megan obviously didnt want to come and visit with the rest of them.  Maybe I should open a coffee shabeen.. Claudia brought some alioli thats some delicious garlic man.

Had the weirdest dream...I dreamt helped a cat save her kittens out of a pond by the sea.  Beautiful water and the cutest of kittens.  What the hell.  Is this my subconsciousness telling me that I must not throw that tom cat in the pool again.  Ok so he hasnt been back for a while but I now have a gorgeous white cat coming over.  My poor princess....*sigh*.  To be wanted by so many but not to put out is fabulous.

Lets not speak diet today....

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Ok its official.  My ankle is on exercise holiday cos its damn sore.  Megan the cow brought me cookies yesterday so thats the diet in its moer (well for yesterday ok).  And then I had the absolute pleasure of a Herbalife consultant brought to me specially by one of the dancers,  telling me how good it is for me.  Are you fucken crazy woman....I gained 8kgs on that stuff cos it is loaded with carbs...  But wait...thats not all the Herbalife consultant had such a fab time yesterday at my house, she is coming back today with a bottle of wine.. I think I should start selling wine by the glass or cups of coffee... cos hells bells, its a busy house..

Yesterday was a busy house again. I think Sasha and Megan are aware that some of my other mates are loco but you know you gotta love em cos they sit there with a straight face.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Damn the diet

Bloody hell this is really difficult now.. I have been so good for so many weeks... I got derailed 2 nights ago and had 2 slices of bread and then last night I got offered the most devine pasta.....Aaaarg.  I am weak I tell you weak when it comes to pasta...dammit dammit dammit.  I am gonna be good from now on.  Positive thinking.  The house was full yesterday.  There were 10 of us.  Good heavens and did we have a good gaggle and giggle. Its awesome to catch up like that

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lifes lessons

No matter how much you love, if you ever are mean and nasty to a person, its not love...its possession, its obsession its all things except love...Learn that lesson and you cannot go wrong

Bloody hell

You know, being on diet is hectic ok, exercising on top of that, ,.....exhausting...but now to have a crisis where I have to console 2 people that have just broken up.  Its difficult I tell you and I think I am blaming the full moon cos I just got a call from another friend that is coming to see me tonight to console her as she is about to pack it in.  And through allll of this...the one couple that I want to pack it in...is not...I mean really???REALLY how the hell can one be so stupid.  Oh well I shall just hang in there and be there to pick up the pieces.

Oh ya...the diet...shit shit shit...last night was the the first time in 4 weeks that I had a slice of bread....OMG I LOVED IT!!!......

Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I have my friend from JHB still here in CT... She is keeping me very very busy but I must admit through all the dinners and lunches etc...I am still sticking to my diet..

I just wish life was as simple as diet..  If you are mean.. you dont loose weight.  If you are nice and decent and respectful to people you will loose weight... By now I would be thin.  The younger generation however, I could not say that about. I have heard treat them mean and keep them keen.. That makes sense cos man wants to be hunter not hunted.  However, on a different note, I have this horrible situation where I can not open my mouth and trust me I have a big one, as someone will get really hurt.  I am trying to convince young people that if you are mean and rude and say nasty things to your partner, then that is not love....

Trying to get them to listen and grasp what you are saying however, does not work.  As far as they are concerned, they are in love and their partner is not mean....aaaaarg.... I can kill I tell ya

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Can you believe this dammit....I have been on diet for 4 weeks, I have been doing exercise and I cant seem to lose weight... what the hell....

Monday, 1 August 2011

What a weekend

Hello there, I just have to say this.  WOOOOOOOOOW.... what a weekend.  I even got up early on Saturday morning to cycle cos I knew that I would be drinking on Saturday night.

I have not deviated from my diet at all.  My exercise might have slowed down a bit, just a bit but as for the rest...I am sticking to it.  On sat night we had a fondue.  That all fits in well with my diet cos its meat, fried in oil.. and of course i make a delicious garlic sauce which is perfect for me.  The only downfall was the alcohol.  Now THAT was a problem.  I got hayfever about 4 times during the evening...and I got that thingy that hangs in the loo stuck onto the back of my pants.  I must admit that only happened after 4ish in the morning so no one can explain it..but ya...it was there. And then of course on hangover day, all one wants to do is sleep and that I did do, with a glass in my hand on my chest, till I spilt the water on me, and then got a fright and topped the whole glass over...baaad I tell ya...baaaaad... LOL...

Pedal power back today... so lets hope Shane teaching me to cook or bake is not going to be a problem for my diet.....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oh Lordy

Well well well, the new floor was suppose to be laid today.  (unlucky floor) it got nothing.  Phew., this has been a pretty long damn wait and still nothing.  My floor is like me....never getting laid, what the hell.

As for the diet..OMG sooo sticking to it, but,.....  and here is something..... I am going on a date and how could a date be complete without a glass or 4 of wine.  One never knows if one has to drink em pretty.  Let me be blessed and let him be HOT.   Now THATS called positive thinking....

Trying to date and loose weight is a hellova thing...One at a time is stressful enough, so imagine trying both...aaah well...its all an adventure

Monday, 25 July 2011

Whoop whoop

Ok so I had to do a weigh in on Friday.  I was convinced that I had lost anywhere between 2 and 3kgs.  Well, when I got on the scale it showed a mere movement of .600gms.  I was pissed off beyond belief.  I stuck to my diet, have been doin exercise which is very very NEW to this bodacious body of mine, and all round have just followed all the rules I should have followed. There is however ONE factor that us ladies seem to forget about.  Its not up to us if we are going to loose weight.  *sigh*... I got my monthly and then KA-CHING it hit me, I realised that my loss would be more than .660gms if not for that little factor.  Oh well, still feeling good and strong and still on the warpath with the excess weight.

Determination is my name now I tell you, and besides that, I am a bridesmaid and I dont want to be the blob on the photo...That aint gonna be me.......

Friday, 22 July 2011

Weigh In

Today is a weigh in and I am excited about it..  I am 100% sure I have lost more than 1kg this week...

I have been doing alot of thinking and am glad my friend Irene is bringing me a book about positive thinking.  Ah huh, thats what the doctor ordered.  I mean, even though I am loosing weight, I am still not happy.  There are many negative things that I have to get rid of.  If I can get rid of the negativity in my mind and be more positive and upbeat then I know, I can and will conquer what I want.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Damn damn....double damn

We are all doing our walk and our weigh in today... So scared...LOL..dunno if I made it..Sure as shit am hoping against all hope that even if it shows a 200mg loss..it will be a loss...Last weigh in was a doozie...I gained weight by going on diet..yeeee right....

Anyhow, I have decided that I am really a stupid person at times...I really wish I knew how my head works at the best of times... I can give great advice but I sure as hell do not know how to follow it...

Am gonna call Aran today cos he has been waaaaay to quiet...This silence is not my son.. Hell no... he is verbose most of the time...Gonna get to the bottom of his change...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

No walking today

Oi vei, Megan and I did not weigh in yesterday.  We did however discover that we walk a whole 2.2kms.  Not too shabby for me I would say.  Shit,.....thats like a whole 2.2kms more than I have ever walked so its all good.

I did not take my mother to Fruit and Veg yesterday cos that would have been *Death by trolley*.  It would mean I would have to let her fall and then push the trolley over her and then pull it back and go backwards and forwards over her...  I would be too exhausted.. Gave up THAT idea. however, I dunno about the dosage of Rattex eh.....ONLY KIDDING.....I do not give her that....  I suppose she is just having a bad hair day.

Perhaps I should expand my horizon and look elsewhere for personal growth and satisfaction..... Lets wait and see.

My cousin is coming to visit this weekend from Gansbaai.  Yaaa pappie, lets hope her and my Canadian decide to go out and get drunk together..

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


So 2 of our walkers are unable to make today..  Thats fine cos Megs and I will just do the beach then.  I did not know I could do it.  It also means that our weigh in will be delayed till Friday.....FRIKKEN AWESOME...

Today the new lady starts at our home.  Heres to hoping having a live in will extend my life somewhat...LOL...Yea she has got to keep G-ran busy.  So damn busy that she doesnt even notice when I am not there....

FInally doing it

Today is the 2nd weigh in on my goal to loose weight.  The first weigh in was a total balls up...I gained 2 kgs...pfffft...That sucked but hey, I am SURE this time will be better.

I just want you all to know that this is a very long and tiring journey.  I have been more pissed in the last 2 weeks trying to loose weight than I have in the last 2 months.  Aah well..lets wait and see...it can only get better right???