Monday, 15 August 2011

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I have my friend from JHB still here in CT... She is keeping me very very busy but I must admit through all the dinners and lunches etc...I am still sticking to my diet..

I just wish life was as simple as diet..  If you are mean.. you dont loose weight.  If you are nice and decent and respectful to people you will loose weight... By now I would be thin.  The younger generation however, I could not say that about. I have heard treat them mean and keep them keen.. That makes sense cos man wants to be hunter not hunted.  However, on a different note, I have this horrible situation where I can not open my mouth and trust me I have a big one, as someone will get really hurt.  I am trying to convince young people that if you are mean and rude and say nasty things to your partner, then that is not love....

Trying to get them to listen and grasp what you are saying however, does not work.  As far as they are concerned, they are in love and their partner is not mean....aaaaarg.... I can kill I tell ya

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