Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hell NO

Holy shit.  I KNEW I should have taken today off and had an Eid day.  I knew it.  I knew it.  I knew it. My nail is about to break and I am freaking out.  They are painted a  beautiful red/orange naturally and are so ready for the races on Saturday.  Ok, now my bloody nerves are starting to go as well... Shit a brick, Aran is racing a 1000cc on Saturday.  Roll on Killarney oh and obviously roll on Vodka.  I mean really.  They do go hand in hand when Aran is racing.

And a new one for the books.....I cooked last night...I made a quiche.... MY interpretation of a quiche at least.  It was fabulous.  And I made eisbein but someone got their grubby fucken paws on it and so I cant serve that for dinner tonight.  Dammit.  The quiche was fully loaded and so no one had of the eisbein and I figured that I could attempt doing some veggies with it for tonight and WHALA a meal but alas...its not to be.  Nothing is sacred in our house...

My cooking attempts are way way way outdoing my exercise attempts.  Yeah, I am trying to cook now in my later years but shit, when the diet comes....uhm ya...I am still eating what I must but but but I am also eating what I must not...eeeek.  Oh well, who gives a shit, I am having an awesome time.  I think my bicycle is a bit pissed off with me cos its not being used right now... I think I will abuse it next week again.  Megan and I were going to attempt doing the beach walk but bloody hell, blame it on the weather.  Next week for sure. Obviously we all have to take Janet and Steven to the airport and snot our eyes out cos she is leaving.

Oh Janet you are such an awesome person and we always miss you when you are not around.  Even Sasha says she is going to miss you... *sigh*.

Bugger that, back to my damn nail...grrrrrr. It wants to break so badly and I am trying to avoid that even more...

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