Friday, 26 August 2011

Hair days

Last night it was suppose to be Chelsea.  I was going to do her hair but as usual something always happens and then one cant do it.  Sasha is going to get the product today and then we will all sit and drink while I do Chelsea's hair.  Ya, I am going to be drinking while I do her hair.  Regardless if I drink too much while doing it I am quite sure she is going to look stunning when I am done with her.

 I recall doing Sams hair and OMG I forgot to tell her to take it off and when we looked again, there was smoke rising from her hair.  No lies. SMOKIN....that was when we had a bit of an oops moment.  No alcohol on that day though.  Just us women thinking we were hairdressers.   Nothing changes....I always believe I can do whatever I want but pffffffffffft sometimes it comes out good other times not so good.  Aah well.,... shit happens eh....

My damn ankle... I think I twisted the lil thing.  It is sore again but then could be sore cos Megan and I are doing the beach walk on Monday again...I need to do it but dammit....I wish I could stop this.  I was on the way out when I felt a tweak in my ankle and then a shooting pain..Ooooh that sucks ok...

Its weekend, its wine time...Oh ya...having a braai on Sunday with my Welshie and her family and some friends.  It can only be good.  Not going to be drinking THAT much but will be wearing my *vlamboyante vere* in my hair.  That is all I need to look sexy right....LOL

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