Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Troubled paradise

Our life is like a book.. Pity we don't know the bloody author so that we can read whats going to happen next.  Yesterday alone, 3 women, 3 similar problems.  Ok, ok wait...the one is an exception to the rule.  But 2 of the girls, same problem different place.  Whats up with men and their penis'.  I did not even manage to watch CSI last night as I had to rewind play rewind play rewind play oh and wait....loads of pauses.  A woman must always help another woman.  Lend an ear and just listen and boy oh boy do some of them talk a lot.  Yowzer!!!!

I am off to the airport to drop my JHB friend off after a 3 week visit.  I might haul my arse back to work, but you know its kinda cold out there so maybe I should go and lay in bed and just watch all my series that I have not managed too yet....

God Bless ya all and always try and remain positive and GOOD ok!!!

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