Monday, 29 August 2011

The weekend.....

Well now, I had to do my dear Chelsea's hair on Fri night.  Well with not enough product and me improvising I can only say...her hair was not a success...eeeek...Instead Megan and I drank and got rather ...well under the weather.  I realized in my boozed state that I was not actually a Roman Royal in my past life but a bloody cow.  I will not tell you how I came to that conclusion cos I know you will laugh your arse off at my conclusion.  I was depressed after the conclusion.  Nonetheless, it was a fabulous night which lead to Bianca going out and calling me at 4-00am saying she is bringing me something.  She brought me pizza and cream soda....just what the doctor ordered along with some company, who left after it had eaten.  That was about 5-00am in the morning when the droogies set in..eeeeuw...

On Saturday night, we were as usual gathered around the dining room table for our usual talk session..  DO rememeber this is a laugh a minute ok cos its very random.

On Sunday morning Janet reminds me to get up early and to get ready cos we were having a braai at our house from 12-00.  After her message, I got up, did my nails, did my hair, put on makeup and well, got done, so when they arrived there and said..but you had done nothing...I was confused... Wait a bit,,,,, she meant I had to get the braai ready NOT me...OH PLEASE, we know I had to get sorted....I mean really.

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