Thursday, 18 August 2011


Ok its official.  My ankle is on exercise holiday cos its damn sore.  Megan the cow brought me cookies yesterday so thats the diet in its moer (well for yesterday ok).  And then I had the absolute pleasure of a Herbalife consultant brought to me specially by one of the dancers,  telling me how good it is for me.  Are you fucken crazy woman....I gained 8kgs on that stuff cos it is loaded with carbs...  But wait...thats not all the Herbalife consultant had such a fab time yesterday at my house, she is coming back today with a bottle of wine.. I think I should start selling wine by the glass or cups of coffee... cos hells bells, its a busy house..

Yesterday was a busy house again. I think Sasha and Megan are aware that some of my other mates are loco but you know you gotta love em cos they sit there with a straight face.

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