Tuesday, 8 November 2011

For womens' eyes only

Today I have a situation that I simply have to tell you about.  Its not going to be long but its sure as shit is hard for me to write.  I am just hoping against all hope that men don't read this..... 'THIS is totally embarrassing.... Yesterday morning while cycling to work...Yes yes yes I do cycle to work on the odd occasion (trying to get slim ya know) ..Oh my word I feel totally embarrassed about this but I know I have to warn women about the hazards of the.......panty liner...Yes, its a hazard, a sore hazard.  

Anyway, while cycling, I could not understand why my coocha was feeling funny. When I pushed down with my left leg, I dunno, it felt kinda weird on my right side of the coocha and vice versa.  Mind you, it was a tingly sensation, perhaps I can invent a bicycle vibrator or something like that...Kidding already geez.... When I went to the ladies at work, I pulled my pants down, and I could not,  for shits or giggles get my knickers down as it was too damn sore.  It was hurting like a bitch.  The problem, I HATE to admit, is that I had the damn panty liner on upside down.  The glue bit...and for the purpose of this blog I will say they use superglue on that damn thing.... was stuck to my coocha....It was the most painful bikini wax in life I recon.... but lets not go there...THAT is a complete different story OMG.

So, I recon I need to get my eyes tested ..... and then maybe shit like this wont happen to me.

The lesson here ladies.....MAKE DAMN SURE YOU put the glue on the right side ok, NOT on your coocha!!!!!!

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