Monday, 7 November 2011

Charlies Angels

Oh what a night we had on Friday.  Adam was our Charlie, and Kathy, Alison and myself were the angels.  Well now.  First off let me just explain to you all that Elvis Presley IS alive and is living happily in Table View.  I know this cos I saw him on Friday night.  He performs at the Italian club as he is a bit low key these days you know.  What an awesome time we had.  Poor Charlie had to dance with all of us, and then of course, Charlie decides that tequila is the order of the night after a couple of bottles of wine....Cant tell you how time flew on Friday night.  Got home and thankfully Sasha was there.  She then drove me to the shop (in my car) and we got some lemon twist and heaven alone knows what else.  Anyway, on Saturday, I went to visit Shelley and Armando and I moaned cos it felt like someone had driven my car.... I was flabbergasted, until of course Sasha filled me in.  What a night.  I must have danced my arse off cos on Saturday I could not move, was in zombie mode, and then only on Sunday did my legs hurt.  Yea...those blue suede shoes, and all his other hits.  Elvis still has got it..... Brilliant...

Today I still have a horrible headache..... but I think its related to the weather.  Our weather has gone bonkers on us and its affecting us all.  So much hay-fever and sinus going around.  And apparently when you sneeze its like an orgasm.  If that is the case, then I am permanently orgasming as I have bad bad bad hay-fever all the time.

This damn spell check on this thing.  I look at words and to me they seem wrong.  I am not an *Oxford* dictionary but...I am also not *how to spell 101 for dummys* type of gal.  I used to be an awesome speller at school (don't ask how I got that right) but this damn spell check has me all wrong.  At least its not a GPS that keeps telling me to time listen...

Aaaah well modern technology.  Who knows I might even go blackberry one day... Imagine that!!!

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