Friday, 4 November 2011

Be damned

I know I have been terrible with the blogging but hey, believe it or not ....I WORK ok.... well, ya I do.....

I am going to the Italian club tonight with some friends.  This can be rather entertaining I'd say. Last week it was a Frenchie,... who knows maybe I go Italian this week.  Aye man I lika da Guidos man!!!  Still have those lovely smelling condoms and still living in hope.  Bwhahahaha.  No wait I must stop that shit I tell ya.

Anyway, Sasha has now told us that she is moving to JHB.  Its official.  We all have to let go of those damn apron strings we have attached to her.  Its going to be difficult but she will be a mere phone call away.  We all just have to keep saying that to ourselves to make it easier.  Ya right... Come the day she leaves there will be a shit load of Capetonians sobbing their hearts out.  I recon we should get twin saver tissues to give us a good offer on tissues as they will be making a lot of money on that.  Do not know how Annie is going to cope. Mind you Anne, I have Xanax, and it does help you know..

Oooooh Mr, you better take care of her like she deserves.  I know you know that but just had to say it before you get your jocks in a knot ok.  You do know that every argument you have with her, you will be having with all of us right...LOL..omg you dont have to run yet Clinty.... Just dont break her heart my love that is all we can ask..

Gosh, when I think about not having doing the Blog I remember that I have been exercising.. Wait, let me rephrase that, I have been cycling dammit.  Ok so its not long distance, in fact its about 900m maybe a bit more, but hey, thats 900m more than I have ever done so put that in yer pipe and smoke it.  I even had breakfast today.  Forgot the fruit though for 10-00 snack.  Oh well. No no its not that I am TOO exhausted due to the cycle its just....who knows, it just happened.

We have such a blast watching Come Dine with me SA.  There are now 6 of us and we have decided that every Wednesday night, its gonna be pot luck.  We each have to make a pot of food, and no one knows what the other one is cooking.  I am so excited, cos I want to know who is going to eat what I cook.  THAT in itself will be entertaining.... Mind you, my fried egg this morning was not too black at the bottom so there is a chance that its improving.  As long as all the people on Wednesday evening realise that black is my favourite colour when it comes to food.  Oh wait, thats cos I yabba yabba too much and forget to watch the stove.... I think I need a stove that knows when food is cooked and switches itself off.  LOL.. imagine that.  Maybe I should start a Reality show and show people how NOT to cook... cos the way I cook hurts.  I ALWAYS burn dammit..

Ok so I gotta go cos I do have work to do you know .....tsk tsk. But dont forget,... if you know someone that knows someone that does lapband.... LOL  I am there ok sooo damn there....

Enjoy your weekend and for heavens sake, dont say be good, that is simply too damn boring.  Go mad, do something you dont normally do.  Look at me,... I hardly have hair...Oh wait..lets NOT go there...LOL..


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