Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting over EX's

I was shocked and amazed and totally fucken baffled when I read a friends facebook??  OMG What the hell is this child thinking.  I thought she was over her ex but clearly, the way she is trying to get over him is not working.  Attacking ladies is not even funny to say the least.  I understand that there was a woman that had always been nice to her, with regard to the situation.  The problem however is that she does not know how to treat people that are nice to her.  I think its pretty damn sad that she has to slate and be mean and yes, she is fucken mean when she wants to be,  and then hides it under a veil of *I did not mean it that way, I am just being sarcastic*.... NO you think you are the most intellegent person walking this earth and looking down on others... Your thoughts are very very ugly 99% of the time.  To go on like that on facebook about someone that she is supposedly over, (look at previous posts as well with regard to *what was I thinking*) just goes to show that this girlie has a very very long way to go in growing up actually.  I just get so damn annoyed and it gets my back up, that someone can lie and make it sound good till the people hear the truth.  He might be way younger than her but in actual fact he has acted more mature than her.

Believe it or not....I KNOW her, and I actually keep telling everyone that she is a nice person... THIS is NOT the girl I know...This bitter and totally twisted version is not who she was.  Lets hope the real friend stands up....

She did leave JHB BUT....and here is the kicker..... it was for various reasons and the ex was only ONE of the reasons.  Why oh why oh fucken why does it have to be so bloody horrible...WHY??? I am actually grating my teeth here cos I am gonna go off the deep end.

So, lets hope you all learn that if a man breaks up with you, because you are mean and really rude to him....its normal... Please girls ACT NORMAL thereafter.  All you are doing is showing them and the rest of the world what a twat acts like.....and from you gals, I EXPECT more... Pull yourself towards yourself.

Oh and, please do not write me a long long useless email about how good your are and trying to show that you are better than me....You arent....

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