Monday, 21 November 2011

French cooking?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, this title is deceitful, very very deceitful..... You see, the Frenchie has nothing to do with cooking.   The Frenchie is .... well the Frenchie is HOT... More than that I cannot say as my child will slaughter me. Being the Virgin Mary is a difficult road to follow I tell ya.  Try as I might I am unable to be THAT good.  I am good though, good at being bad but still good nonetheless....NOT saying anything else with regard to this...hehehehe

On Sat night I wanted to make some lovely pasta.  I did cook it properly, and then I added some tuna and then some feta and of course a lovely white sauce.... The problem arose when I added the sauce and it came out like soup.  Basically it was a pasta soup I made without my knowledge. The rattex queen did not want any, so I ate, cleaned the dishes and the kitchen  (HATE HATE HATE a dirty kitchen) Dont ever want to be like someone I know that when people walk out of their house they always say horrible things cos their house is always dirty.  eeeeuw... but not deviating from the matter here, I put it away as Poncho (my cat) has become a nightmare!!.  On Sunday morning I decided that I was going to turn the soup into a proper sauce.  Anyway, I strained the pasta, and recooked the sauce and then in my INFINITE wisdom, decided to add some funny flippen pesto stuff and who knows what the hell else.  After making the sauce thick and adding it to the pasta, I then tried to feed the no avail....I then tried feeding the no avail... and then myself....Holy shit the food tasted KAK...I have no clue how I did that, but I did abuse the gardener verbally for not wanting to eat my quality food..  all he kept saying is *eish madam , I did try madam but I ke not eet it... sorry madam*... my cat just turned her nose up.... and me....well I tasted my portion, and well, threw it all in the bin.

They should make a reality show on teaching me how to cook... call it *how not to cook with Debbie* or something like that.  It brings me back to school when my teacher would not taste my cheese souffle.  She said it did not look right and it was now I should know.... but hey, I am good at some things you know.  Not all bad....

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