Thursday, 17 November 2011


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, what the hell was my problem?  I was in Blackberry denial since it has come out.  I took one look at the phone and was like *aaaarg* thats going to be a mission to use.  BIG MISTAKE...BIG BIG BIG mistake.... I eventually got one two days ago...OMG....Yesterday was my first official day on the thing and I just want to warn all my friends and family out there that I took to it like a duck to water... Barbie to Ken,  etc etc.... Never in my wildest dreams did I know it was so damn easy... It has caused a problem though as by the end of the day yesterday my thumb on my left hand was shaking.  I looked at this damn digit and thought what the hell man, but then, really, after thinking and looking at how hard it worked yesterday, I realised...Thumb pump!!! ye...LOL.... You know when guys race big big bikes they get arm pump from grabbing the clutch or brake or whatever, anyway, I got thumb pump...and thats not the only thing thats sore ok.  My lower arm is also hurting...Perhaps I was enjoying it too much but there is always something good to follow somethin like that.  HELL YEA...I then found ALL by myself I might add!!!!!!!.... a Voice message thing... so instead of leave a voice message.  How damn inventive is that I tell ya.... only problem is my son Aran and some friends do not think its a good idea.  I sent them all voice messages this morning wishing em all a glorious day and hoping to see em soon and they all TEXT me back to kak me out... one exception though is Shantel Rossland...that bitch voiced me back and shat on me..bwhahahaha... no way Shantel, you know I cant take that laying down...lets see who wins this one...lemmie guess...its meeee its meeee....LOL

Racing was great this weekend.  I did not consume copious amounts, I had a headache.  Oh boy, why cant we all always be happy... Shit...I can, I have Xanax...what is my problem??? 

Not much to say except that the kittens are leaving....*sigh* and I know I am gonna miss them but NOT the hayfever that comes with them...I have been itching from head to toe and I am rather glad that Sasha Jamie Hall is still in JHB cos if the kitten came to sleep with her at night she would have convinced G-ran to keep it.  So ya, there is a reason for the cow to be gone for so long...Shall we say in this regard we are thankful perhaps....
Ya we are actually so thank you Clinton for keepin her there.  Never thought I would say that cos we miss her...bwhahhahaha...

Right you lot, I gotta get productive... see ya all soon and remember....VITAMIN good for you...!!!!!!

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