Monday, 19 September 2011

Thieving bitch

I had to have my maid locked up.   I cannot believe that one can steal from the hand that feeds you, and then have the fucken gall to say to the police, they planted the evidence there.  and stuff like  *You have always hated me Debbie*....IF YOU CAN LIE, YOU CAN STEAL you bitch, so listen up sister, I wanna know what shit you smoking.  You stole the fucken stuff out of my house, and out of the neighbours house, now accept what is going to happen.  Oh and the best is when she decided to tell the police that my mother tells her to fuck off all the time....OMG...have you EVER heard of anything that stupid..  The fact that people still mistake kindness for weakness flabergasts me beyond belief.  I am getting tired of some other people, and they must keep pushing.  I have a history of tolerance till I say...* no more*.....

Went to the army open day.  Ok you KNOW there is a problem when the army is scared of the army.  Yeah, they did loads of displays and it was nice and the bikes were the best.  But when the bikes were meant to jump over some of the army guys, they lay down infront of the ramp and as soon as the bike headed towards the ramp, we saw arms and legs and ....they ran away...True story.  

Shit, I am going to Telkom today and I am going to be nice and polite.  My mother needs her phone on at home and now has to reapply for one.  Hmmmmm lets not even go there.. Other than that the weekend was fabulous.

Wait, I have discovered that I need help.  I need some surgery.  NO not a lobotomy but lapband or gastric bypass.  If anyone knows anyone that knows anyone...I am there like a bear with my legs in the air....

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