Friday, 16 September 2011

Untravelled path

You know, to walk in our own shoes is rather difficult cos life is tough, but to walk in someone elses shoes makes a person so grateful for what they have.

Went on a road trip with my mother, Megs and one other.  What a day.  Every kilometer took us a kilometer closer to seeing her again.  The real her.  To know that this day has come and that she accepted it and was happy about it is the most incredible thing that has happened in the last year.  I will say its been amazing.  Shelley was just a bit worried there for a second.  Sent me an sms to remind me to bring my mother home and not forget her there....Everyone has shed tears but its all tears of happiness.  OMG even Andrew contributed to this.  I ran outside to see if it was snowing this morning.  But noooo... cos this is gonna change our weather somehow.

Well I am off to the army camp tomorrow.  Going to go and say goodbye to my cousin who is off to another country as a *peace keeper*.  Our army going to other countries to keep peace while their own backyard is filthy. I would rather let the army assist the police and curb crime for heavens sake. The more I think about it the more I KNOW I should be a politician.  Damn this bullshit....  Hmmmm the crime should suite the punishment.  Yeeeeee....

Ok enough of that crap.  Right now I just want EVERYONE to know that I am truly thankful and privileged for knowing them as they have all offered to assist and help.  Shows you hey, the world is made of good people.....

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