Friday, 30 September 2011

Taking Control

Hmmmmm you know that things are a bit fucked up, when your boss takes his money and then tells you that you cant take yer full salary cos uhm, debit orders has to be fullfilled...bwhahha NO LIES...I SHIT you not I am laughing about this... I really am and for some reason NOT stresses at all.

My blog today is about taking care of a situation.  My friend is in rehab.  Her fucked up import of  a boyfriend is trying to get hold of her.  He cant cos nobody knows where she is.  His only contact is with me.  And alas, he thinks I am the most evil person on this earth.  Good for him cos I am as far as he is concerned.  I have now called the woman that he lives with and informed her that he must pay over all the money he owes my friend or else he will be deported.  Shame, she had sympathy for him.  Seems like my sensitivity chip got a bit lost yesterday.  No wait... it got lost when the maid stole from me hmmmm.  still not a hard arse except when it comes to certain situations.

After having a business and realising that your life is filled with egotistical, self indulging individuals, you become aware of who really matters and why they matter.  When people say horrible things about other people and lie about other people they must realise that the wheel does turn.  So to those bullshitters speaking shit about people you call friends.  its ok they will find out...Whatever happened to good gossip.  You know you and your friend sits and gossips... wait wait wait..its not gossip its not scandal its a gossandal...where you all laugh and the next day its all over... whatever happened to that shit... gees.

Its weekend and Aran is racing superbikes. He is racing Nationals this weekend..eeeek...I will be there boots and all for mommy support.. yes please....xoxo  Love ya all and chat soon

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