Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little girls

I was actually going to write something here about a little girl trying to wear big girl panties, and when she gets bust she denies her words.  Oh well, I realized once I started writing that she is not worth it, so moving on.

We had such a blast with Charlie the male stripper on Saturday night.  Man oh man, that dude is built to last for a lifetime.  I think we all need one of those.  Lee had a fabulous time at her bachelorette  (although I doubt she remembers much)...LOL....Her bridesmaid Linky got her so on her plonker, that the girls were falling over like skittles.... 10 pin bowling anyone....LOL...It wasnt that bad, it was fun...

Trying to change a brunette into a blonde is bloody difficult.  This cow is not playing nice.  I keep saying....just go blonde but nooooo they always know better....*sigh*...I think once people listen to me, the world will be a better place.  It will be positive and happy and the odd bullshitter to make us laugh at them obviously, but mostly it would be a good place.

Yeah, I think I should approach the DA and tell them I want to be President of the Western Cape.....I will make it a country by itself and leave the rest of SA to SA.  That way, we can all be positive that everyone will stand a fair chance at whatever they do.  Oh hell yes, maybe thats my goal in life....hmmmm dont let me go there sista....LOL

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