Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cor Blimey ... life is great but Rumour is even better...

What an awesome Saturday we had at the racing.  Aran rode that 1000 like a demon.  He did really really well and his followers/fans (I am no 1) and spectators, were all sitting around a huge table drinking.  We were all there to support him.. Its fabulous when that happens.

Megan and myself as usual just laugh at all the shenanigans that goes on there.  Its not even worth it to respond or say anything but it is fascinating...this I have to admit.  Even if one keeps the mouth shut, someone will say that you said or did something...Its fucken awesome!!! On saturday, while sitting down, I tried to hook up 2 couples....just by me being there... Am loving this..I must be way better than I thought.  Anyway, whoever is making it up, thank you so much for giving me so much credit for something I know nothing about.  You ROCK you bloody gossip monger...I LOVE YOU....waaahahahhaa.  You may come and get my autograph later once I am done laughing.

Ooh oh our Atlantic beach gals came to party with us and it was fabulous seeing them again.  It was a pity that Sasha ran away and was gonna come back but never returned.  the damn cow...LOL...only kidding I absolutely adore that child....

Was going to meet my deceased fathers brother and his wife today that we had never met before.  Unfortunately there was bad news and now its not going to happen.  It might happen round about the 21st Sept.  We were all looking forward to it....dammit its sad.  We are all super excited to see him as he is the spitting image of my dad.

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  1. Good day Msss Doessss indeed.

    I am so sorry to hear your "uncle" didn't make it today. I truly am. Hopefully 21 September will prove to be a better day.

    Well, for the comment regarding your "2 couple hook up" - IT WAS 3 DAMMIT. Ha ha - As if you would now, on top of all your other responsibilities like being awesome and time for that. You don't work with finding a dog an owner!! Besides, two of the candidates you were trying to "hook up" already have dogs and they would not welcome another bitch around that easily and the other candidate will definitely not be able to take in a dog of that size in his small place. The house training, teaching it manners.... the belava involved. No thank you!!

    Anyway, regarding our little "festive chat" about you know, that.... have you thought further maybe, possibly, perhaps how the fuck we are going going to achieve this? It is by far the biggest and most involved challenge yet but I think when the masterpiece is done, you'll look back, shine your nails on your top and say "my job here is done" - Waddya say???

    And aaaheeemmmmmm, why I never get a mention in your blog is beyond me - I do after all cause most of the drama you get accredited for.

    Home soon. love you xxxxx
    ps. Whats for dinner Wena????