Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh hell....PMS

Shit shit shit, I just had to take my Xanax.  I just realized that if I go off pop and start fighting about Somalia and ignoring my friend Julius then there is a problem.  May God forgive me but I am getting annoyed cos everyone is feeling sorry for them.  Yes I too feel sorry for them but FFS can SOMEONE tell them that having a child pop out every nine months is NOT helping the situation.  Why can they NOT do something about sterilization?  why? why do people who work hard for their money now have to give it away to food aid.  Our fucken government cant even feed its own but YAY we are sending food aid to Somalia who well..... who has MILLIONS of flippen children.  Ok ok meds will kick in soon, I know it will feel the tone of this changing...LOL

Its like.....what do you call a woman that has PMS and ESP......A bitch that knows everything...LOL

I took Shane to school this  morning to sort out the problems she is having with the boy that is staying by her.  My advice was...LOCK HIM IN THE ok... geeeez I am PMS not the fucken devil.  Mind let me not go there.

Sasha should be out of hospital today and I doubt if I will be seeing her cos the weather is crappy.  However I need to catch up with my friend Kathy who had a brain tumour removed 2 weeks ago.  I just want to make sure my friend is ok.. I dont like it when my friends are ill or sad.  However, when they are crazy like Bee I  love it.  I just sit and watch...LOL....That is one hyped up puppy I tell ya.  You gotta love her though cos she does provide us with a lot of laugher...and coffee.... holy shit I dont think anyone drinks as much tea as our lil Bee so late at night and she doesnt even wet the bed!!! THAT I find fascinating....

Now let me tell ya all about our Camel man.  Gorgeous hunk of love that is so full of shit,  but full of shit or not, just to see him is a wow in our day.  As we are all well aware I am a pervert and perving over Rob is only a pleasure....He even smiles at me...I think he is a kinky lil fucker ...LOL  kidding..

Shitty weather, Xanax has kicked in, not in the mood to work but am in the mood to eat as I cannot do exercise in this kak weather. *sigh*.. so bugger the diet too... Bring on the wait....french toast.  ya now that sounds like a winner.....

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