Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tough Love

Holy Toledo, that is a difficult road to walk.  I have just had a wonderful person incarcerated for her own good.  She knew it had to happen but when it came to crunch time, the bloody cow refused medical attention.  Oh hell no she di int!! Needless to say, I have more tenacity than she could ever have imagined, and was absolutely amazed at a phone call I received from her  this morning thanking me. I felt on top of  the world then I realized...no dear, it was not me... it was YOU...and Megan and other friends but mostly YOU.  Thank you God for giving everyone the strength to do this.  I was torn yesterday as this is something we have wanted to do to her for a very long time, but could never get it right.  If only she knew how many people shed tears to hear that she is going to get better.  I dont think she realizes how much she is loved.  Silly cow...But its ok, we all know she will come out the victor in this.

It was such an emotional day yesterday and writing this just brings it back. Wait let me rather get upset and think about the fact that I am tired and only got home at 2.55.  LOL  Arg its ok..... Its done and we feel great about it.  We feel bloody fantastic man not just great.

Now all we need to do is have a fund raiser.  Any good ideas out there???

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