Friday, 21 October 2011

poor victims

I do have a sensitivity chip.  When I am upset, you see that I am upset.  When I am happy, you see that I am happy.  Its blatantly obvious to everyone how I am feeling..  I do not walk around like the cat that got the cream and smile all the time, meanwhile feeling bitter towards people or anything .  No that is not me.  My pretentious world ends when my mouth opens or shall I say my eyes open.  You know there are the walking dead amongst us right.  They see, they feel, they eat, they walk however its like they are under a spell..... Stupidly so.  I always ask the questions... Is there 1 devil and 20 angels or is there 1 angel and 20 devils.  Unfortunately it would be more fun if it was the latter, but its not.  Reality does not work that way.  The reason I am saying this is cos I learnt this lesson the hard way.  The very hard way recently.   Have a good read below and you will see the lesson I am trying to teach....LOL

I dont know if you recall the cat Ryk Neetling (the sexi cat,  well ok dammit, I called him the sexi cat cos in cat terms he was hot you know) that had made my lil Poncho pregnant.  Anyhow, the kittens are too damn gorgeous for words.  Ryk Neetling however, has turned out to be Hulk the fucken Horror. (see how feelings change quick!) This damn cat was fighting with Ciska going flippen bos in the garden... and I recon we have ALL heard cats fighting.   I ran and banged on the glass to stop it.  Hulk the fucken Horror lobs off and heads towards the pool.  Unbeknown to Hulk or anyone else for that matter, my innocent lil Poncho was sitting on the pool wall.  As Hulk runs, I hear *plomp* and another *plomp*.  I burst out laughing cos I saw Hulk running with his arse wet and his tail wet.  Ok so it was dark and I did not see Poncho.  Well, I look down..... and here is this pathetic bedraggled lil cat of mine, wet from head to toe.  It stood at the glass sliding door with a glazed look in its eye...with the words WTF clearly visible in the eyeballs.  Ya so Hulk the fucken horror ran poncho off her feet, dumped her in the pool, couldn't stop himself, got his arse in there too and then ran away like the bloody moffie he is.  And then.....late last night....after aaaaaall of this fiasco, the lil shit comes and tries to woo Poncho again!!!  HELL TO THE NO!!! OVER MY DEAD BODY.... MY poor lil Poncho was a victim and now he wants to woo her...... typical male...SO going back to the top....I loved Ryk Neetling initially when I thought he was sexi  (oooh how long ago that seems) I was happily laughing when Hulk fell in the pool and then bitterly disappointed when I saw my lil poncho was in there too.....*what a life we lead*.....

And yes....Poncho is my child!!!! Talking about children.... My son Aran is racing Superbikes this weekend again at Killarney.  Good luck son.  Will only be there later as I am off to a Breast Cancer benefit breakfast that Sasha had put together,  and then will be at the track after 12-00 to support you my boy.  Your fans will be there son....we will be there...

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  Lets hope mine will too

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