Friday, 14 October 2011

the difference between loving someone and being in love

Here is the situation.....  A boy made me very upset not so long ago.  Ok... so he might  have an excuse here or there alright but...he is not fogiven ALL the way, HOWEVER, and here it is.  I think the dude is in love with my friend and he needs to realize it.  Do I send him the memo?  I mean really.  They suit each other, they are in love although they both try and stay away from that, but the fact remains..... its there. They DONT JUST love each other, they are IN LOVE.  If you see them together you cant imagine them apart.  If you see them apart.... you wonder why the other one is not there. THATS what pissed me off the most.  Arg this is getting complicated and its not actually.  Its simple.  Woo her properly and make up ok.  Do it already, the suspense is killing me dammit!!!! I know someone that makes the most beautiful engagement rings.....truly... Its my ex...

Now to some other things happening.  OMG.  The big move without the mama is happening today.  Tomorrow we tell her. It will be ok though, cos she is one strong woman.  Oh you know that bullshit they feed a person when they say..*you are one of the strongest women I know* arg... poppykak man, you are just a strong woman period.  All women are strong.  Besides the one man that gave brith I dont think any man would take on that task.  Moffies the lot of em if you ask me....LOL....Ok geez boys dont go wild on my arse now cos I said that.... I have gay friends and I fucken LOVE em loads ok.  In fact my Peter thought he had divorced me but bugger him.  I    R-E-F-E-U-S-E  to let go of his apron strings.  He spoke to me the other day.  I can tell you this for nothing. I was one happy puppy.  Shit doesnt take much to make me happy does it....LOL

Long drive tomorrow but I am sure its gonna be fun.  I did give her fair warning though that I look vastly different from the last time she had seen me.  Ya, shit....I nearly have no hair.  Lobbed the whole damn lot off now it stands up like an old TV aerial.  You know....a piece to the left and a piece to the right.  In the shape of a V ontop of my face...... hmmmm. methinks I should cut the Dstv and be the walking TV for my mother.

Speaking of.....I need to see if we can get Sasha to do Come dine with me SA.  I recon she will clean house there properly.  She cooked last night and you know was awesome.  She wont allow me in the kitchen but then it could be cos I interfere and then the food comes out different.  I need cooking lessons along with someone that knows someone that knows someone that could do a  lapband procedure.  HELL YEAH!!!!

Tyron came over last night to take a sample of the pool water.  Its got to be clear and sparkly as summer is nearly here and I seriously need a tan.  Brown fat...white know that stuff right.... Anyway, he is going to assist me in cleaning the pool.  I hate the recession as I no longer have Prince as a poolboy.  Life sucks I tell ya.  Oh yes and Bones is suppose to do the lawn.... All these hard working men *sigh*   Gotta love them.

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