Tuesday, 20 December 2011

8 Hours of racing and other stuff

Aaaaah what noise, what bliss, what fun.  It was the 8 hour on Saturday.  I cant believe that grown men and young ones for that matter can ride a bike for so long.  For those that don't know, its a relay race with anything from 2 to 4 riders in a team.  Even if you are 4 riders, you are still going to be riding for 2 hours.

I only got there midday but did realize that there were definitely less damaged riders.  Last year there were 4 or  5 that broke collar bones.....Now that is a bonus... It is always great to catch up with everyone.  Finally met Monique, which by the way,  I need her to give me her surname so that I can add her as a friend.  We had quite an interesting conversation about a powdered nose... Yea, you know those he said she said things.  I believe her version 100% cos I knew who she was but had never met her.  Sasha was back in town and it was great seeing her as I also have Janine staying by me for the holidays.   About that..... let me tell you this poor girl comes from Jhb and comes to Cape Town on vacation.  You know those relaxing, nice and calm take it easy kinda things... Poor Janine just cant believe that my house (the brothel) is so busy all the time.

As a social drinker and only normally drink on racing days, I need to say, I have been having drinks constantly every single day (since last week Monday).  Oh boy, its like Tiara said, it feels like I have a jersey on my teeth, except of course, its worse....

Audrey has come to visit from JHB as well.  OMG this woman is wild and wonderful.  Had a fantastic time with her and her mum on Sunday night.  They just popped over to visit and well, lets just say at 3-45 in the morning they left..... Plenty liquor devoured.  Sore head yesterday, and of course swollen tongue and other stuff. Stuff like feeling like a kangaroo shat in my mouth.  Poor Channy, Janine and Trevor were still up when I got up to go to work.... I really cant say who spoke the most as I think they all spoke alot that night.

Cant wait for Wednesday night as we are having a braai for Audrey before she heads back to Jhb on Thursday.  All I can say is, those of you coming, be ready.....be very very ready!!!!

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