Thursday, 22 November 2012

PUNCH --- made by Stefan

Holy toledo, on Friday night, we had a potjie.  Jeanette, Sam, Ryan, Rattex Queen and I.  It was one of those we can it type of things.  You know I am quite sure I am a voortrekker at heart not so much other places (nudge nudge) but definitely somewhere.  I like a man to start a fire and get things going...Anyway, we did a bloody good job of it.  The gals were drinking champagne, I had a glass but was not up for it... Naughty Natalie has been good I tell ya. Besides Liza and Haiawatha (my proper red indian from Canada) decided they were going to leave us alone to braai... bitches... but all is fair.. we got the fire going and PLEASE it was a small itsy bitsy lil smoke going and well, it burned at that rate all the time.  No big flames, no big fan fare, just... small.  And so it was like doing a potjie on a slow burner but hey,  IT DID IT.... was good ..... tasted great I tell ya.... I think I am getting to be a conniseur of food!!!  After Come Dine with Me there is no stopping this machine.... Cooking machine??nah Love machine?? mebbe dunno but hell I feel like I am a machine of sorts... a bit of a voortrekker machine but a machine nonetheless..

On Saturday we had a fabulous surprise.  Christine and Stefan FINALLY got married.  Ya hell, these semi geriatrics  (ok not gonna stick to that cos they are my age).....decided that it was long overdue.  They had a private family service and then of course it was Stefans' birthday so they had a spit braai and well, they decided that it was the best day to do nuptials....That they could fit THAT many people into their house was astounding.  Stefan then showed me his punch... I am quite..... yes..... QUITE familiar with this!! Indeed, I think if SAP had to raid his house, they would think its moonshine that shit is so lethal...  Having been to Stefan and Christine on numerous occassions for braais and having drank this, I knew it would be in my best interest to suck on it... very very slowly.  The problem is, this punch tastes abso-bloody-lutely AMAZING.  It is so drinkable and doable that you just drink it slow or not, it tantalizes the tastebuds and you cant stop yourself.  Needless to say, after a few  (aarg ok dammit a few too many perhaps), I could feel that there was this excitement bubbling in my brain.  It was just talking nonsense... spewing out absolute shit for no reason.  Of course, the recliner was left open for me  (oh you gotta love my mates) So I had THE most comfortable seat in and out of the house... fabulous planning I would say.  Got home and well, Haiawatha was there so I hollered for her to come and have a drink with me before I hit the sack....I love Stefan and I love his punch but for the love of Mary, I dont like the next day feeling so hangover....Thanks Stefan!!!!

Ok so here is the thing, I have been trying to communicate with Santa or with his elves  (as you know I know people that know people that know his elves) about my behavior.  I have been putting out   hahahah KIDDING putting word out that I have been good at being good, good at being bad etc etc, just basically good at everything so I deserved a good good gift.

My list doesnt seem unreasonable in light of the fact that I cant do THAT much Zumba even though I love it cos I realize there are other ways to lose weight and of course all the other shit that follows.

So ... IF ANYONE knows anyone that knows a plastic surgeon, I swear, I will have the most awesome Christmas.  Speaking of....... Rattex Queen is still full steam ahead for Christmas party on 9 December.  So not stopping her...Why the hell would anyone want to anyway... ONLY AFTER, that will I explain the dates are incorrect.. Here is to having a flippen awesome Christmas.


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