Friday, 9 November 2012

My giggles

Am I happy its weekend!!! Hell yes.  Tonight its Jeanettes birthday party and she opted to have a potjie at my house.  I love parties at my house cos everyone cooks or braais here and serves me while doing it.  It is the most fantastic venue I have been too.  I dont have to tip them, I just have to be me ok well maybe NOT just me, maybe a bit of Naughty Natalie.  I gotta put that bitch down soon, she is the reason I am NOT losing weight.  She drinks too much.  

On Saturday we are having a fondue at Allies house, with Adam and Kathy and some others.  Ooooh I love it when Charlie looks after his angels  (Charlie = Adam)....NOT that he actually looks after us per say.. we just get drunk!!! Well we get inebriated ok does that sound better... I know I am gonna be hanging on Sunday.  Its gonna be bad!!! Real bad.

Now I need to tell you all about my niece Chantelles daughter.  This is a lil American girl that is now living here in SA with her mama and papa, and she has picked up the SA accent..  This kid is so bloody funny.  She was in my bedroom staring into the mirror when she said to the mirror  "I look fat" she then proceeds to tell the mirror that the mirror is fat too.  Then she puts her hands on her hips, shakes her head and says to the mirror "Sweet Baby Jesus what are we going to do?"  This kid just turned 4.  That I never wet myself or fell off the bed laughing is unbelievable. Not long after that, a couple of weeks later, she gets out of the bath and keeps looking over her shoulders.  Both sides and very perturbed.  Her mother asked her what the problem was, and she asked her mom "When I was born mommy did I come with batteries?"  She was looking where her batteries went...BWHAHAHAHAHA... This week however she was once again priceless.  On the way to her school (day care ok geez) they drove past the Catholic church.  The church had just put a new cross up with Jesus on it.  As they drove past  she grabbed her dads shoulder and shouted  "Oh my God,  daddy daddy I just saw Jeeeesus"  full on American Southern twang!!! She did not stop her diatribe shouting "daddy daddy look there is Jeesus, I cant believe I just saw Jeesus'  I am sorry that I spell Jesus like that but that's the way this kid was hollering. Her father said he nearly had an accident at first cos she grabbed him so hard but then he could not stop laughing.  When she came to my house later that day, I asked her what Jesus looked like, and she stood with her arms out, her head down and her one foot over the other.  How flippen funny is this kid.  

Anyhoo, I just had to speak about Jesus cos for a 4 year old to be so happy and shocked and verbose about seeing Jesus was a priceless moment.

Now to rest for a bit to get my battery up and running so that I can PARTAY this weekend.  

See ya'll soon peeps... Keep the bright side up and keep on smiling

Toodles for now

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