Monday, 28 July 2014

My new best friend..Gotta love her!!!!!!!

Every single time I think I am gonna blog I get distracted.  So now I finally sit here and just do it.  And I happen to think its perfect timing.

Firstly let me apologize to those that know me, and even those that don't but that will be, or could be meeting me in the future. I have to apologize for being a bitch.  A proper bitch... not a pretend one, a proper one and yet I am not cut from the bitch cloth, but oooh boy, its here, its in my mind and body... its my new best friend ........I have been avoiding meeting her but aaah, she finally come to to meet me fully.. Meet my new best friend ... her name is "Menopause".  Once again, let me say I have to apologize in advance, for when I am going to be rude to you, or be mean or nasty..... These power surges I get.... I can no longer call it a tropical vacation, cos its up the antes... its way hotter than that, it equates to a power surge.. so ya.... Eskom I swear I can give you a run for your money.

These estrogen induced bipolar, manic depressive, with psychotic rages, shared with bouts of crying, is a full time new behavioral pattern.  I never know who I am going to wake up as.  Could be all smiles, could be totally pissed at the first person I see, or I could just be sad.  I have learnt that I am able to cry at the drop of a hat.  Anyone can say *how are you??*  And that invokes crying..... but only on the cry days ok... ask me that shit on a Devil is here day, and you will quite possibly meet the foot up your arse, or a book thrown at you. When i have my double dose of psycho I see things my way... My way is the highway of late... Get outa my face!!!!!

And it gets better... much much better.... try losing weight when you are menopausal.  If you have followed my blog you are well aware that I suck on a diet... Totally fucken suck ok!!! I have not lost weight since November last year.... however, I have gained... Yay is me... Oh wait.. thats my sarcastic button ....ooops. And after reading numerous articles on google... (Hell yes I google everything) and Wikipedia (sure sure but not as nice as google) I see that chances of me losing my weight is slimmer than a hen growing 2 front teeth. Imagine how that is pissing me off too.

The only thing good is Aran.. He just had his knee op and now is out of racing superbikes for the season.  I hope its only the season cos cor blimey I would miss my drink like a deranged person days....

I got a nice little get together going this weekend.  All the old gals  (NOT age wise ok) coming over and then its the Rattex Queens birthday on Saturday.. OMG... Its going away.  I am having it posted to Durban to visit her sister for a month.  Bring on happy changes while she is gone....LOL... Oooops, but yes there will be plenty invites to get you all to come help with renovations...

So in conclusion I would like to say... I recon I am still a hot babe.... it only comes in flashes now though...

Be good ya'll and have a fabulous day..

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