Thursday, 27 September 2012

What a mission!!!

Good heavens.... I could not blog even if I tried for shits and giggles..  Damn that was horrible.  Google would not allow me to.  No no no its not cos it banned me or anything like that, it just would not happen.  What a mission cos I sure as shit missed blogging.

So, I had the most amazing week a couple of weeks ago, and not only that but I met some amazing people, oh and throw in a prick but ya, across the board, the people that I spent time with were awesome and some real friendships will develop out of it..  My actions though could cause embarrassment but baaaah, who hasnt had one of those.  It was embarrassing to say the least.  I sometimes can be rather sanctimonious.  Ooooh piss off we all have faults you know.... The only other thing I can say is that I probably threw my name away but arg you know, you can always go back and collect it...well sometimes you can!!!!!.But then again, we always imagine how things are going to turn out but then it never does.

I was so pissed off this last weekend at the Nationals.  Bless my cotton picking socks I tell ya.  I even came home semi-sober... YES!!!! You read right... SEMI SOBER!!! I was drinking in the afternoon and then I slowed down rapidly after a kak situation.  Anyway, I do believe in Karma and karma is going kick some arse.  Specially the dooses arse that stole my money out of my wallet.  No worries though, I dont stress over that cos I know if you do something wrong it comes back to you seven fold.  Go get em Karma!!!!

Aran had bike problems at the Nationals and so when it was qualifying time he had to start at the back of the grid.  On lap 1 he had moved up to 7th position and on lap 2, the bikes gearbox or clutch or something went.  All things happen for a reason....

Now about Zumba.  Doing Zumba is fucken awesome.  Its fun, sometimes... It even feels like bad sex on some days it hurts!!!.....Anyway, I never realized I had muscles in some of those places.  Shit man, I could hardly walk for about 2 days the 1st time I did it... It is actually getting better though.  Although I do miss class every once in a while, I would love to be motivated to go all the time but you know.... when a pork calls me, I bloody well eat it.... I am doing Zumba to get fit and to get my blood pressure back to normal.  When I see Bobby Skinstad on TV my blood pressure rises, so now one day when I meet him, I gotta be all slim and sexy not big and sexy (which is what I am right now ok!!!)  Ai man, I could ride him Sea Biscuit that one...

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