Monday, 13 August 2012

Oh the life, the life I tell you

Good day people.  The more I think about it, the more I realize that I have a bloody interesting life.  I was looking through some of my Facebook friends.  Yea buddy.... Its been quite an eye opener I tell you.  Firstly, when I was part owner of a strip club, I was the managing member and therefore at the club all the time.  In that time, I had many many offers for people to come and have swinger parties there.  I always refused as I really felt it was not really what we were about.  However, I did meet loads of the swingers and thought they were really nice people..  Anyhow,  they became Facebook friends to keep up with what was happening in the club etc.  After a while their friends became my friends and so the network grew.  Its been fascinating meeting some of these people on Facebook.... (I must add that I have not met em all in real life but do know P L E N T Y of em)....I think they have the funniest names ever and if you compare it to RuPauls drag race, I think the swingers win hands down with names game.

For example... us big chicks have ..... well lets just say VW bonnets ok.... so it stands to reason, that calling ourselves something like *cute bumz*  would be funny and sarcastic.  I have seen names like Priscilla Limbs, Cassie Longlegs and Fay Feathers,  then you get the Stoutgat Adoons and Volksie Bonnet... see see... how the hell does the Volksie bonnet fit in with the sexy names....  I think I should get myself a porn name.... but hell man my imagination just doesn't run that far, it gets kinda tired half way around the kitchen counter.. Anyway my point is... I want a sexy name as well dammit...

And since watching Rupauls drag race I have not seen a drag show for many many years.  Went with Rose who is one of the craziest women I have ever known, which made it all the more hysterical.  One of the drag artists walked me to the car, with his arm around me, and truth be told, he looked like a female and I felt like I was butch.. I am not at all I am a straight female but I didn't feel feminine next to the drag queen.  You have got to love em.... If anyone knows where in Cape Town I will be there like a bear with no hair I tell ya.

Oooh and as for the super bike races... Oh my word, Aran won the first race... I need to point out that he was racing on a 5 year old bike... YES 5 years old and whipping arse..  Thats my boy...

Now pissed off cos a nail just broke.... Must be cos of my quick hard strokes on the keyboard.  Oh damn.

Well have a great week ahead and I wish you all get a very nice and pleasant surprise during the course of the week.

Toodles for now people.

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