Monday, 25 March 2013

Cant wait

I have been itching to blog for a very very long time, but due to the head space I was in, did not think it was such a great idea as some people really really pissed me off.  Its very difficult to forgive someone.  Very damn difficult.  Anyway, I have decided that sticks and stones may break my bones and your wonderful words did hurt, does still hurt, however, I will forgive but I wont forget. Notwithstanding bullies.... THOSE I do not even want to know and do not acknowledge.  All in all, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot and will not allow other people and their nastiness to turn me into an angry nasty person.   Remember this..... treat people as you want to be treated....

It was Nationals at Killarney 2 Saturdays ago.  OMG what a rush we had.  Aran rode like a superstar I tell ya and I was mighty proud of him.  Vodka (as usual) was the order of the day...Megan and I decided that we were going to get a designated driver, and that we were going to let our hair down.  This we did!!! This we did with major aplomb!  My lil Sasha was there too.  We never saw much of her during the day, bless her, but we certainly saw her that night.  There was no band playing, (strange but true) but that did not stop anyone.  We all went hell for leather with whatever we were drinking and it was giving us dutch courage to dance like dooses and still think we were doing a great job.  Lang arm never felt so good to modern tunes.... What the hell???

And what exciting conversations were heard in the toilets.  Oh boy, ladies are so funny.  I do believe a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts, and for some reason, the toilets are to drunk girls like a confessional booth in the Catholic Church  is to nuns!!!  It all just.... comes out..... hahahaha......

Then of course there was Ashlees' 21st.  What a stunner that girl has become.  She is like the Lauren Conrad of SA I tell ya.  It was a surprise party for her, and Adam aka Charlie and Kathy aka One of the Angels did a formidable job with Rae whoever, (he is Romano to me) and of course his sister and family.  I liked the porra family they are so cute.  I thought I shocked the socks off them the last time we met but alas, the mum cool as a cucumber,  was up for a good laugh telling Mark (you KNOW who you are) that he was gonna get laid.  Oh boy the poor hubby was a bit embarrassed there.   Ole Adam and Kath and I were still chatting and drinking at 3.30 in the morning and all the youngsters were in bed already.  I mean what the hell!!!!! When are these kids gonna learn!!!

On Friday it was Channy and Granny Martches birthdays as well.  Auds flew down as a surprise for Channy and it was really really great to see her.  We actually spent a lot of time in good ole emotional conversation that was necessary on both sides.  Lets just say its been emotional!!!  LOL... It was nice seeing some of the people there again.  Specially Granny Martch.... That ole duck just keeps on going.  Unlike the Rattex Queen who has been rattexless for a long time now.  I better up my game!!!!!!!.

Toodles for now people....This was short but sweet I think.  Did not want to write more in case I get pissed off as I write...LOL.... So short and sweet it shall be!!!!

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