Friday, 7 December 2012

Nearly MY Christmas lunch

Hip hip hooray.  So glad its weekend.  I do not plan to drink too much as I have a full schedule.  On Sat its the 8 hour endurance race at Killarney and of course Aran and Nicks are gonna ride... I mean really but its not as stressful as when they race superbikes.  I do believe that they fall flippen harder on these little mosquito sounding machines that the big ones.  Last year Andrew, Aran, Janine and one other all broke their collar bones.  Now I ask you.. one race day,  tsk tsk... and that was JUST the collar bones...  Trust me there are way more damages than that....

Anyway, its less vodka as I am going to Anja and (Franco)  Oh my God this man is hot!!!!!!  Anja just walks past and wipes the drool off my mouth when I am with her husband. (Well not quite WITH her hubby but in close proximity like at a party).   So Kathy and Adam and Alison and myself  have all been invited to their house for sushi.. All I can say is double yum as I get eye candy and mouth candy.  And you know Adam is also a good looking geriatric. I think he is doing all these fitness things cos his wife has read 50 Shades.  I think he is trying to sleep with the dogs cos she is tiring him out!!!! He is a good looking dude but sometimes he moans at his 3 angels  (that would be Ali, Kathy and myself) He never has reason but that he is a man... Oh well dont worry Charlie.. I aint drinking too much on Sat night as Sunday is coming...

Now Sunday is a very very special day for me.  My mother the Jabberwock is serving Christmas lunch THIS Sunday.. Yep on the 9th of December we are having Christmas.  I dont quite think she actually believes believes the Mayans, but she is convinced something is gonna happen... She feels its better to be prepared.  You know these geriatrics, as they get older they KNOW things... Oh hell and do they know.  Do not ever argue with them.  If its about a celebration, ALWAYS ALWAYS agree.  The possibility is great that their timespan is wrong and therefore they  would have to redo the party.  I know this, that is why I have kept it under wraps about the 21st.  She believed it was the 12th.  But you know someone who was not up for so many parties ruined it for me and told her the truth.  So now I shall only have 2 Christmas parties and not 3.Oh well, as long as I have my Christmas lunch and am prepared in a hot outfit its all good!!!

Ok gonna dash for now, but will write about the weekend after it happened.  Lets hope that the girls follow instructions on how to make punch properly cos I think Channy and Sam were actually out to give us food poisoning this last weekend.  As for the party that I had that I was not at. (Thanks to Channy and Sam for OBVIOUS reasons). it seems hardly anyone was there cos uhm no one really remembers.  (There were loads of people though) Seems everyone has memory loss and having them come over and fill me in during the week all I can say is DAMN..... it musta been a good punch and party.. If I tell you what happened in the bathroom while I was not there your EYEBALLS would blush it was so bad.!!!!

Ok toodles for now hooligans...see ya all soon
Excited for the weekend cos its C H R I S T M A S  LUNCH!!!!  

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