Thursday, 20 June 2013

It really did not taste good!!!

I know its been ages.  I like my little sporadic breaks from blogging.  Its like a build up and then every once in a while I think, *oh my gosh lemmie just write again*.  This is one of those moments when I should be utterly embarrassed and NOT write about it.... but alas... tis me, and I keep losing my embarrassment button.

First it was Blades birthday out in Durbanville.  Thankfully Shane made the theme for his party green and purple for Barney.. Awesome stuff, and of course, you get green fizzers.  Those that taste like cream soda aka green ambulance aka cream soba..... Well, being me, and loving fizzers, I stole some from the kiddies table.  I had to ok, she never put any on the adults table.  I threw them in my bag as we left and was really a happy person for having had some in my bag.  Yes yes I KNOW its wrong to steal but it was fizz bars ok..  She did say I could take a couple (probably meant 2) but I got 4.  Greedy right... so getting home was good, I didnt go into a sweet coma cos I didnt have enough and I always leave one in my bag for *those days* you  know, hangover etc....

This weekend that just passed, was Payttons birthday, so I tell Channy to buy fizzers,  Channy buys the pink ones of course and they are the bigger ones.  On Sunday we had Payttons 2nd party at our place and well, you know, as with anything party, drinks come out...and boy was I LOVING the bloody mary's and then I changed over to the red wine.... Yaaa the cousins... you know... 4 cousins natural sweet red.  OMG,  I got wasted, I eventually ran off to bed.  Now here comes the thing.  The next day, Channy came to clean the house and everyone left and I was left alone, hanging like a bitch, thanks to the four cousins wine  aaaarg.... while laying on my bed feeling sorry for myself, I remembered that I had a green fizzer in my bag.  No problem for me, I stuck my hand in, felt around, KINDA peeped in the bag and saw one.  Was I happy... I was laying with my eyes closed, (sore head thanks to too much wine) and opened the fizzer and stuck it in my mouth.  Here is where it gets tricky.  Once it was in my mouth, it felt plastic, and I was rather confused.  I took it out and to my utter utter disbelief, it was a tampon from Canada.  Now, I KNOW you wont understand how I can mistake a tampon and a fizzer but bloody hell, those from Canada are NOT like ours. It comes in a green flimsy wrapping *check*, the applicator is green *check*  as for the rest... dont even ask ok, am I ashamed that I tried to suck on a tampon,  uhm YES....but in my defence....I thought it was a fizzer.  Am I ever going to blindly feel in my bag and think its something else that I am grabbing, probably, will I stick it in my mouth next time...NO,....I have learnt my lesson.  Haiawatha must keep her tampons to herself and NOT confuse me....

Today I am happy cos I am no longer hanging and I saw a green fizzer in my bag and ATE IT....

Have an awesome time ya'll and for insparation I quote  Cavett Robert "Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed."

Toodles you noodles... have a good one.  xoxo

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