Tuesday, 3 September 2013

To lust or not to lust

Damn the butterflies, damn the bees, damn the whole lot of jelly happening in my stomach.  I have no flippen idea what is wrong with me except that all I can do is giggle and well....giggle.

I am so in lust that I cant see the wood from the trees.  Thankfully he is totally oblivious to it, or else I would not be able to face him.  You know those little school girl crushes you get..Oh my God, I am totally crushing on someone!!!!

He finally asked for  my bbm pin.. whoop whoop!!! and so communication began.  Lets just say, I giggled shall we.  I tried to sound reasonable but alas,  I dont think it went that well.  On Saturday night he decided to come and party with the rest of the family and the new extended family and then some.... He asked me if he could bring some party people .... I said sure of course,  and then he drops the bomb.... its women. what could I say.... sorry for you Mr, I want to ride you like Sea Biscuit and have jealousy issues?  Pfffft NOT gonna happen.  So I allow all of this to go down, whilst plotting a protest in my head and trying to be sexy at the same time.  I mean Marilyn Monroe was out to play!!!!

The problems arose soon after..... I just wanna put it in a nutshell for you so that my humiliation is very short lived today.    We all went out to go and dance.  He (lets rename him Blue Steel) was chatting to his friends, and while he was doing that I was sashaying across the dance floor and pulling moves to get his attention but oh boy that shit was not being noticed at all..   Anyhow, while I was busting some moves, he was chatting away totally oblivious to me.  I then went to sit down and finally he wanted to speak to me... OMG blush smile pretend all is normal, etc etc.he gets me down on the couch next to him, now I am all thumbs and toes and giggles... as he pulled me down to sit with him and talk to him, the blonde (this girl was busier than a tick on a cats back!!!!) came rushing over and knocked a drink over,  its spilt all over the floor (I went into sulk mode as it was pretty obvious she had intentions bigger than mine and did not want him anywhere near me or anyone else for that matter... I then got up to go and dance and slipped in the wet spot and went down looking busier than a one armed man in a fist fight!!!!! Thankfully someone else went down with me, but eish, this was right infront of Blue Steel.  He doesnt see me busting moves but he sure as shit sees me with my arse firmly parked on the ground!!! Let me just tell you all that my whole arse is black and purple and pretty damn sore How cruel is life.... I am now trying to un lust myself....perhaps pursue knitting.. I think this will work to my advantage as I cant humiliate myself that way...

Enough I say, its race weekend again... so I shall partake in the vodka spirit of things and have a hangover on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday aaaarg. I suffer for a whole damn week but oh well, when the boy races the nerves are shot.

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